A Day out at Cattle Country with the Ridge Academy

Wed, Jun 12th 2019 at 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cheltenham North are taking Pupils from the Ridge Academy to Cattle Country.

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                                         Annual Rotary KidsOut Newsletter 2019

Jointly Compiled by: Rtn. Gordon Moulds CBE DL – Chief Executive KidsOut

Rtn. Steve Cartwright - Rotary GB&I KidsOut Rotary Day Specialist

(This Newsletter circulated by kind permission and with the help of Rotary GB&I Home Team) Lynne Marshall – Team Lead.

Message from Rtn Gordon Moulds CBE DL - Chief Executive

I must start by congratulating all Rotarians who made the 28th Anniversary Rotary National KidsOut Day such a resounding success with a record 30,477 children taken on a very special day out. This year a record 146 different venues across the UK were utilised compared with 122 last year. This is a staggering achievement and one that all Rotarians should be so proud of.

Often forgotten, KidsOut is a Rotary charity, started by Rotary and run by Rotary. With a Rotarian Patron, 3 Rotary Trustees and 12 Rotary Ambassadors; KidsOut is run on Rotary principles. Together in partnership, we achieve a lot more than just the National Day Out.

KidsOut is more than the one day a year out. In 2018, KidsOut also provided over 25,000 fun days throughout the year aimed at the most vulnerable children in our society. Thanks to Rotary, our new Festive Day Out proved hugely successful with over 10,000 disadvantaged children taken to a pantomime or enjoyed a Christmas party. We provided every child who had escaped serious domestic abuse and had been relocated away from the abuser (but also family, friends and school), with a toy box for their new home - over 3,000. Every child in a Women’s Aid refuge received a Christmas present, as did many other disadvantaged groups - in all, over 18000 children received a present. 2 more sensory rooms aimed at schools dealing with severely autistic children were provided. Our recently been transformed World Stories is now used by over 2000 schools.

More and more Clubs are now using KidsOut services to provide free days out and free toys to their local causes. KidsOut would like to see more Rotary Clubs take the credit for these services and as such are trying to find volunteers to become a Rotary KidsOut Ambassador in every District to help coordinate the services.

KidsOut support to Rotary continues to increase as well. Our baseball cap initiative proved so popular this year that we will again be providing them free of charge for 2019 under the same arrangements as last year.

Please remember, KidsOut only exists because of Rotary; that said, I am only too aware of the superb work that Rotary does in so many areas but still ask that your

Club considers as a minimum to participate in the Rotary day out. I would appreciate your thoughts on how we can help you more in order to ensure that this fantastic event continues long into the future.

Checkout the KidsOut website: http://www.kidsout.org.uk/

2019 UPDATE from Rotary GB&I KidsOut Rotary Day Specialist – Steve Cartwright

Checkout Rotary KidsOut Rotary GB&I website information: (you will need to log-in) www.rotarygbi.org/members/humanitarian-service-programmes/community/community-events/rotary-kidsout-day/

and www.rotarygbi.org/members/club-district-support/opportunities-serve/list-projects/kidsout/

I too wish to reiterate Gordon’s comments and express my thanks to every District, Club and member that have been involved in ensuring Rotary KidsOut goes from strength to strength, underlining that we do indeed Be an Inspiration for these children as Rotarians we ARE People of Action. THANK YOU

Rotary Festive Day Out: Whilst this additional day out has been operated by a few clubs in the past, 2018 was the first year that it has become an official Rotary GB&I KidsOut Day Project, with over 4,206 children sponsored by Clubs enjoying a festive outing ie. meeting Santa, visit to a show, pantomime, zoo, parties etc. A really fantastic effort for our ‘Rotary GB&I’ first year, supported by KidsOut supplying baseball caps free of charge and a subsidy of £5.00 per child.

Additionally, those in Birmingham, Cardiff & Nottingham areas had a great opportunity to go along and see ELF Pantomime with the show producers offering 2,500 FREE tickets. Rotarians were responsible for collating and depositing money from the Panto bucket collection in aid of KidsOut, this raised a total of over £17,000.

It is hoped to increase the number of venues and FREE Pantomime tickets available around the UK for the 2019 Christmas period. Watch this space!

Conference Speaker: ELF Panto Producer Jon Conway (Comedian & Script Writer) is available, and is an excellent Conference Speaker (contact me for details).

Rotary Festive Day Out is held on the first Tuesday in December (or nearest date to suit circumstances)

National Rotary KidsOut Day 12 June 2019: Let’s build on last year’s RECORD, and give the opportunity for over 33,000 children to have a great day out!

KidsOut are again offering a subsidy of £1.00 per child plus free baseball caps and On-Line Registration is NOW available, just click on the link below: http://www.kidsout.org.uk/forms/national-rotary-kidsout-day/

Should you require free of charge baseball caps, you will need to complete a separate additional order click on the link below: http://www.kidsout.org.uk/forms/national-rotary-kidsout-day-caps-order-form/

Please take the opportunity to see the details about National Rotary KidsOut Day on the KidsOut website: http://www.kidsout.org.uk/what-we-do/national-rotary-kidsout-day/

Alternatively you can access all the details and Registrations Forms by going to the KidsOut web: http://www.kidsout.org.uk/ – see menu at the top of the front page, select ‘What we do’, then ‘National Rotary KidsOut Day’. The Forms can be seen clearly stated in bold red type, just click on these as required.

Rotary KidsOut ‘Ambassadors’: I am pleased to report that we now have ‘Ambassadors’ in the following Districts: 1040, 1060, 1070, 1090, 1100, 1120, 1130, 1145, 1180, 1210, 1220, 1230 & 1240. But we still have vacancies in the other 12 Districts of Rotary GB&I. Do you know someone in your Club/District that may be interested in becoming an ‘Rotary KidsOut Ambassador’?

If so, I would like to invite them along to our Annual Rotary KidsOut Ambassadors meeting and evening event with accommodation provided free of charge by KidsOut. Please contact me for further details.

KidsOut Rotary District Conference Speakers: In addition to Jon Conway (above), KidsOut will be pleased to provide a ‘Speaker’ for your Conference(s). As alluded to by CEO Gordon, KidsOut is MUCH more than just a ‘Day Out’, why not ensure all your members are aware of the scope and additional good work being done by the charity founded by Rotary?

‘Book NOW to avoid disappointment’. Please contact me for further details.

By way of this Newsletter I am asking ANY Rotary Club/ Member/ District to please advise me of their full contact details including email address. These details will not be used for marketing purposes, but will ensure that any KidsOut information will be sent out quarterly to the correct person(s). Help ME to help YOU.

And finally, should you have any questions, queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

PLEASE don’t forget to let me know your full contact details.

Thank you for your continued support for KidsOut, please carry on the good work!

Steve Cartwright

Rotary GB&I KidsOut Rotary Day Specialist Contact Details: e: scartwright1@hotmail.com – preferred

h: 01543 642 189

m: 07772 808 925

RC Lichfield St Chad – District 1060

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