Scottish School Outdoor Track & Field Championships

Grangemouth Stadium Friday 7 th June at 11:00am and Saturday 8 th June at 10:00am.

The three Rotary districts in Scotland sponsor The Secondary School Outdoor Track & Field  Championships at Grangemouth Stadium Friday 7 th June at 11:00am and Saturday 8 th June at 10:00am.

Scottish Schools Athletics Association are looking for some assistance from Rotary to cover some tasks in background support to the event. Thankfully all the running and organising of the event are being done by SSAA.

This is a fantastic opportunity for clubs to make a presence at  the event by just being there and enjoying the day.

What Rotary are involved in at the event:

We will have various Rotary flags and banners set up at the stadium and also the podium. Rotarians can also help in the following areas-

  • Selling programmes for the event both days at entrance. Start time will be around 9:30am on the Friday and 9am on the Saturday as people turn up early to get ready for event
  • Rotary Branding at event. Feel free to bring your own club banners if you have schools represented. The more the merrier.
  • Rotary Photographers–  we need at least 2 people per day to cover photos . We need to be able to capture the winners on the podium and taking pics against Rotary backdrop. NB Photographers need to be identified in advance so that SSAA know who is taking pictures. Photos are used by schools, parents, pupils, press and Rotary to showcase the event and of course your own club.
  • Social Media– this is a great opportunity to feature on your club social media, highlighting/congratulating local schools and reminding them of Rotary's inviolvement.

What schools are taking part?

Click here for the list of schools with competitors.