Cycling up Mont Ventoux

Martin Lewis, an Epsom Rotarian, is celebrating his 70th Birthday by cycling up the dreaded Mont Ventoux of Tour de France fame. He will raise money for AMECA a medical charity in Malawi. He did it!!! See Latest News

Pictures of some chiildren in Chilaweni, Malawi.  They are looking through the frame of a bicycle ambulance.

Martin Lewis says

I am celebrating my 70th birthday in July by riding to the summit of Mont Ventoux in Provence in the south of France. This has given me a great opportunity to do something much more important. To raise funds for the work of AMECA, a medical charity in Malawi which provides much needed medical assistance to a rural population which otherwise would have no access whatsoever to such facilities. Please follow this link to read in more detail about the essential work AMECA does. It is literally a life saver.

So, there you have it. A perfect way to celebrate my 70th year by doing something I love, and much more importantly, helping an organisation that really does make a difference to those who have nothing.

All donations taken together will make a huge difference to what can be achieved in Malawi. On behalf of those who will directly benefit from your sponsorship I would like to thank you for your generosity of spirit in helping me to raise funds for AMECA.