Purple for Polio

Plant a PURPLE4POLIO Crocus & help


Your club can take part in the Rotary in Britain and Ireland crocus planting programme - help paint District 1200 Purple 4 Polio

Crocus Corm Planting 2021

The most popular Purple4Polio activity is the planting of purple crocus corms, and in 2018, around 2.5 million were planted!    If you see a display of purple crocuses in public areas in your community there is a good chance they were planted by a local Rotary Club.  

Why do we do this? To raise awareness of the Polio Plus programme which has almost eradicated polio worldwide.  Children under 5 are vaccinated and their little finger nail is painted purple to show they have been vaccicnated.  Rotarians have the opporunity to volunteer to help with this programme and a visit to India, and to understand the chanllenges this programme has overcome, is an unforgettable experience for everyone who participates.  

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