Royston Handover

Handover to new President Martin Berry

The 1260 News mailbox this week may well be full of handover meeting reports, with pictures of regalia being transferred from neck to Presidential neck. Royston had their handover too, but as neither our retiring or commencing President (I may get sacked for this) is particularly photogenic, we submit instead a picture which displays the club’s diversity, as well as our taste for getting dressed up posh! Pictured at Royston’s handover dinner are Rotarians Kash Sharma, Kasifa Puffet, and Graeme Dargie, all of whom turned up looking splendid in their respective national dress.

A further highlight of the meeting was the presentation by past Royston President ADG Karin Weston, on behalf of District 1260, of the shield for ‘Best PR Campaign’, to Di Charles. Di has been Editor of the club’s long running and much loved monthly newsletter, ‘Royston Rotarian’ for XX years. It just goes to show that good old ink and paper can still give social media a run for its money!

Neil Heywood
Royston Rotary
2nd July 2019

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