Aquabox Response to Hurricane Dorian

Aquabox Response to the Bahamas in the Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

After first receiving the news of the devastation being caused by Hurricane Dorian late last week Aquabox moved swiftly into disaster response planning,  seeking to understand, the extent of the disaster and the key areas impacted, the number of communities together with their needs in order to understand how best to respond. 

The hurricane centred itself above the Grand Bahama and the outlying islands, and stayed there for a number of days, wreaking havoc to the island communities, before moving north towards the Carolinas.  


Aquabox have been in contact with the Rotary clubs in Nassau and Freetown (capital of Grand Bahama)  as well as linking up with local companies based on Grand Bahama and the established Aquabox partner Humanity First. 


From these discussions, it is understand that there is a great need for safe drinking water, particularly in the eastern end of the Grand Bahama and the outlying islands notably, Abaco . 


A major challenge is transportation  to the region and onward distribution and we have been working with our partners and rotarians on the ground in an attempt to build a secure supply and distribution route into Eastern Grand Bahama and Abaco. 


Until the end of this week all of the island airports were closed except to helicopters. To overcome this hurdle we are exploring a plan to send the aid by air to southern Florida, where one of our corporate partners has offered to provide onward transport to the Bahamian islands and assist with distribution of the water filters.


A consignment of Aqua 12's and Community Filters is being prepared at the depot and this will meet the water needs of 7000 - 8000 people.  This consignment will be despatched from the depot, once we are satisfied that we have a secure supply and distribution route to the communities worst affected by Hurricane Dorian. 


Following this initial shipment, it is likely that additional consignments of Aquabox humanitarian aid (Gold Boxes and additional Aquafilters) will be sent to the communities as families begin to rebuild their lives after this catastrophic event.  


If clubs and individuals wish to help with this Aquabox response please send donations via the website 


 or by cheque to  



PO Box 5398




Thank you for your help and support

Roger Cassidy

Aquabox Chair of Trustees and member of the Wirksworth  

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