Do something different our DG asked us!

A glimmer of an idea comes to fruition

Back in February our incoming DG Mary Whitehead started to spready the message that she wanted us to do ‘Something Different’ in her year.

Now the first time we heard this message co-incided with a trip to meeting friends at the Regency Chinese Restaurant in Potters Bar and what started as a tiny glimmer of an idea, became a slightly more concrete when we met the Owner, Jason Hau.

The idea of a Purple4Polio evening at a restaurant was borrowed from a similar event we attended last year, all we needed was the location and then the rest fell in place.

So last night over 50 of us gathered at the Regency for a night of fun starting with an excellent Chinese banquet, followed by a Purple theme raffle and finishing with a bit of Karaoke. Jason started us off with a bit of Elvis, then Barbara Middleton was sponsored to sing a bit of ABBA and then others got into the act.  There was a variety of standards – from the very good to the not so good, but it didn’t matter as we were all there to have fun and raise money to help End Polio.

Just over £700 was raised, which with the Gates Foundation matching 2:1 becomes £2,100 – not bad for a first time, somewhat different event!

Wendy Ford
Brookmans Park

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