Thanksgiving supper

Wed, Nov 27th 2019 at 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Learning about Thanksgiving.

Dorothy once lived in the USA, which makes her an expert in our eyes. In addition she has the wonderful ability to bring people together.

The pilgrim fathers who sailed from Plymouth 400 years ago had a difficult journey to the New Land. Their first 12 months were also difficult, setting up homesteads and growing food.

Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday in November, it is based on the colonial Pilgrims' 1621 harvest meal celibrating those that managed to survive. It is more of a national rather than religious festival.

400 years on and today more than 88 million people around the world are still having dificlulty surviving. They have been made homeless by natural disaster or conflict. ShelterBox are working to change this. They provide emergency shelters and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, transforming despair into hope. Click here to find out more about ShelterBox

The proceeds from Dorothy's Thanksgiving Supper paid for a ShelterBox.

We look forward to finding out where it is sent.

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