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The next opportunity to get involved with Global Giving campaign, the Rotary GB&I Crowdfunding partner organisation is approaching.The campaign runs from 10th to 28th June 2019.IPDG Graeme Archibald

CROWDFUNDING – Trying to raise funds for a project?

Why not increase your donation network?

Crowdfunding is a means of getting donations for your project via the web from donors literally across the World. A specific project with specific timelines and goals. An on-line event for example selling tickets for a coffee morning. 

Typically, the average project donation target is £15,000 but an individual project target can start from as little as £4,000.

Because of the success of Rotary Clubs who have already taken advantage of this relatively new way of raising funds to support their projects, Rotary has agreed a special start up initiative with the biggest Crowdfunding operator, Global Giving, a registered charity who have already helped to raise more than $345m from 814,095 Donors for 20,611 projects across 170 Countries.

Global Giving have agreed to allow Rotary to use their existing successful portal, training and support at a reduced cost of 8% which is deducted from donations received so there are no additional costs to clubs or projects to utilise their service. GlobalGiving will also collect any Gift Aid on behalf of the project Crowdfunding is a way to go beyond our usual team of fund raisers and receive donations from individuals and Corporates Worldwide. One UK Rotary project has already received over $1,500 from Americans who like us get tax benefits on donations

Membership opportunities - Advertising our projects on the web is also a great way to promote our work and of course, people supporting our projects are likely to make good Rotarians themselves

Want to know more? Enter the links below for live examples of current projects set up by Rotary Clubs and click on the links to the Global Giving website. 

Access via our landing page with GlobalGiving

THE NEXT STEP - Rotary Crowdfunding is available to all clubsindividually or could be set up by an area or district. It is hoped that one day all clubs will have their own registration and be using Crowdfunding.

The next available quarterly Global Giving campaign runs from June 2019.Historically this period has proved to be the most successful at receiving donations.

To participate in the March campaign your club must be registered with GlobalGiving by the 26 April 2019 Registration is a fairly straightforward process. Depending if you have a Charitable Trust or not will depend on the process/documents required. 

There is a user guide created by a fellow Rotarian to help with the whole process of setting up an account and preparing your project for online submission that will help you prepare. If your Club is registered then the project posting deadline applies of 31May

We have decided to focus our initial efforts and resources to get a few projects up and running in the district to exploit this period and then use those Users to help us spread the word to other clubs in the future.

To join the first phase Identify a cause your club wants to raise money for Identify the lead organiser/sSend them a copy of this summary and ask them to explore the Global Giving website and contact me if they want to proceed.

Once registered GlobalGiving will provide support via webinars and their usual training and support facilities to help you succeed and benefit from their incentives.

Graeme Archibald,

District 1010 Crowdfunding Champion. Rotary Club of Elgin

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