2020 Young Photographer Winners' Workshop

The Young Photographer Winners' Workshop was attended by junior winner Layla Lamble and intermediate winner Wilfred Laney-Hubbard. Sadly, the winner of the senior competition, Ellie Roper, was taken ill the night before and was unable to attend.

The winners of each age group in the 2020 Rotary District 1175 Young Photographer Competition were awarded the opportunity to attend a photographic workshop with Ross Hoddinott on Friday 13th March 2020, with additional support being provided by one of the shortlisting judges, Peter Bland.

The 2019-20 Rotary District 1175 Young Photographer Winners were:

Junior Age Group (7-10) winner Layla Lamble of Archbishop Benson School (sponsored by the RC of Truro).

Intermediate Age Group (11-13) winner Wilfred Laney-Hubbard of Exmouth Community College (sponsored by the RC of Exmouth Raleigh).

Senior Age Group (14-17) winner Ellie Roper of Tavistock College (sponsored by the RC of Tavistock).

Sadly, the winner of the senior competition, Ellie Roper, was taken ill the night before the workshop and she was unable to attend. The two other competition winners, Layla and Wilf, met Ross and Peter at the Weir Café & Bistro near Bude at 12 Noon.  After being made welcome and talking about their photography experiences, Ross explained what they would be doing for the rest of the day.  As the weather was forecast to come in wet later in the afternoon, it was decided to get outside and start taking pictures right away and so everyone moved off to Sandymouth Bay, near Kilkhampton.  The young photographers quickly started exploring the beach and found many interesting subjects to photograph.  Ross and Peter were on hand to offer advice and the young photographers were so absorbed in their work that they didn't notice that is was cold and blustery.

A little shower at around two o'clock prompted a relocation to Bude to explore the colourful beach huts at Budehaven Beach, which offered new inspiration for the young photographers.  Then, after visiting the sea pool which provided framing and composition opportunities, and later exploring the shallow waters on the beach to capture relections, the young photographers crossed to the canal lock and harbour area to find engineering structures and fishing items to add interest to their photographs.

With the light now starting to fade, but thankfully with the rain holding off, it was up the hill to Compass Point to capture silhouettes of the tower and then over to the cliff top for some exciting photography using long exposure times to soften motion and to enhance stationary detail.  With the winds blowing and the waves roaring, the young photographers revelled in the excitement of capturing wonderful charasmatic images of the coastline.

It was now early evening and just starting to rain, and so everyone retired to enjoy the warm hospitality offered by the "Life's A Beach" cafe and bistro.  It had been a truly inspirational day for the young photographers who expressed their sincere thanks to Ross and Peter.  In return, Ross presented signed copies of one of his books to the age group winners.  Sadly, the senior age group winner was not at the workshop to receive her book, but it will be forwarded on to her.

In closing the day, Ross Hoddinott said that the workshop was one of the best and most enjoyable that he had ever run.  He praised the enthusiasm and skill of the young photographers and he encouraged them to keep experimenting and to have fun taking pictures.

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