National Youth Competitions 2020-2021

 Important information for all Club Youth Co-ordinators in District 1010

This information is dated 8th June 2020 and will be updated as new information is received by District from Rotary GB&I

At the last meeting of the Rotary GB&I Governing Council, it was decided to update the ‘face to face’ information packs, and these, along with all other competition information packs and consent forms, are with the RIBI Secretariat.  It is hoped that they will soon be on the Rotary GB&I website. The packs will be downloaded as soon as practicable on to the District 1010 website.

The closing date for the national finals of Young Writer, Young Photographer, Young Artist, Young Film maker and Young Environmentalist is Monday 29th March 2021. All entries must be received by the Rotary GB&I Secretariat by that date.

Entries for the National Final should be submitted electronically, with the exception of Young Artist and 3D models comprising part of a Young Environmentalist entry. Details of how to submit electronically are included in the information packs.

The themes are:

1.  Rotary Young Artist:                    Wild Nature

2.  Rotary Young Photographer:      Wild Nature

3.  Rotary Young Film maker:          Challenge 

4.  Rotary Young Writer:                   My Happiest Day  

5.  Rotary Young Environmentalist:  The theme is ‘Climate Change/Carbon Reduction’. 

     The two are interlinked and those entering may focus on one or the other or both.

The closing date for the Rotary Young Citizen Award is Friday 12th February 2021. All entries are to be submitted to the Secretariat electronically by that date.  Details of how to submit electronically are included in the information pack.   

The ‘face to face’ competitions – Young Chef, Young Musician and Youth Speaks – A Debate, will not conclude with a National Final in 2021. The dates for the Regional Finals, will be decided by the individual Regions, but may be any time up to 30th June 2021. The expenses for each Region’s competitions will be the responsibility of the participating Districts.

Our District, 1010, is in Region 1, with the other two Scottish Districts, 1020 and 1230

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