Rotary Foundation Peace Showcase - on Zoom

Thu, Aug 6th 2020 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

an opportunity to hear about local and international peace initiatives across Rotary

District members please log in for more information.

Thursday 6th August 2020

19.00 - 19.50 with an opportunity for discussion afterwards

on Zoom

By the end of 2019 79.5 million people worldwide had been forced to flee their homes - around half were under the age of 18 – and 80% of the world’s displaced people ended up in countries or territories affected by acute food insecurity and malnutrition. (Source: UNHCR). 

Rotary alone cannot resolve this global tragedy, but what we can do is make a difference by sponsoring Peace Projects, Campaigns and Scholars to address many of the underlying structural causes of conflict. So on the 6th August, via Zoom, we will be showcasing how Rotary can think globally and act locally by: 

• Supporting peace projects and campaigns around the world. 

• Supporting local peace initiatives through your Club. 

We will present and introduce you to: 

• The Rotary Action Group for Peace and Peace Jam 

• Two Rotary Scholars who will be describing how their studies relate to peace and conflict resolution. 

• Clubs who have received District Grants to support their peace projects. 

• Rotary Peace Fellowships. 

There will also be a short Q&A. 

As we said, Rotary cannot resolve the world’s peace issues on its own, but with your help we can all make a positive difference to millions of lives.

Please register in advance for this event.

The link for registration for this event has been sent out to all clubs in District 1090 - to presidents, secretaries and foundation chairs - to share with club members and friends of Rotary.

To request the link again, please contact Karen Eveleigh.