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Rotary News and Events is the magazine of Rotary District 1070

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The magazine is distributed at District Councils which occur four times per year in September, December, March, and June. Copy deadline dates are five weeks before the magazine is distributed. 

A minimum of 3500 copies are printed, 2800 for members and the remainder to be handed out by clubs at events and to Friends of Rotary. In addition the magazine is copied in .pdf format and accessible on the District 1070 web site – see below, where back numbers can also be viewed. 

Printing from a .pdf is not recommended because of poor resolution. The design of a magazine in digital format would be completely different from a paper copy and not as accessible to the public. 

The magazine is designed to provide detail in Rotary District 1070, major activities, international support, activity in clubs and future events to be read by members and particularly the public to promote the Rotary Experience. 

The Editor is a Rotarian, not a journalist and co-ordinates all information provided. District Officer Reports is asked to collate information of activity. 

Members and clubs are encouraged to submit articles and information. Our philosophy is that how we fund raise is of interest but what is more interesting is how the supported causes spend their donations. Kids Out is a prime example of this! 

The majority of material is received by email in Microsoft Word and photographs in jpeg format, information on paper is retyped. The Editor prefers copy to be submitted by e-mail but is also grateful for typed copy though this has to be typed as a word document, hand written script must be legible. 

Action photographs are encouraged to illustrate events. Information by e-mail should be sent as attachments in .doc format and photographs separately in .jpeg format. Please do not embed photographs in text but send separately. Please send newspaper photographs as .jpeg images which local newspapers are normally able to supply. Cheque presentation and group and handover photographs are discouraged but sometimes are the last resort when no other photographs are available. 

Space available in the publication requires careful editing. Information is collated, prioritised; photographs are selected by the editor. There is a standard format using standard headers and footers we use the Rotary colours of blue and yellow. Graphically we try to use some Rotary symbols such as the wheel and year symbol or image. 

The only standard contributions are the District Governor comment, new members, obituaries, diary of events by the District and clubs. News and Events tries to cover what will happen as well as what has occurred. From copy date articles are edited yet again, an order of priority of information to be used is set out, the text and photographs are submitted to graphic designer and printers. 

After the proof has been created the editor and designer discuss amendments to create the final document. The magazine is proof read by editor and at least two other people. Two weeks after copy date and one week before publication the magazine is sent to printers. 

Method of distribution is that magazines are provided in packages for each club at District Council. Clubs are encouraged to take additional copies to be handed out at events and left in public places to publicise the Rotary experience. 

From 2016 the Editor has organised that copies of the magazine are distributed to every Library in the District by the relevant County’s Central Library Service. The magazine tries to be bright, colourful, and easy to read and appeal to all.

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