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GDPR Privacy Notice

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Compliance Confirmation Form

more Clubs need to sign this at the start of each Rotary year, and return a copy to the district compliance officer.


more ‚ÄčThe District Safeguarding Advisor is Moira Penney from the Rotary Club of St. Ives.

Equality and Diversity Policy

more This policy applies to all activities performed by or on behalf of Rotary GB&I at national or district level and references to Rotary Clubs are so worded as each Rotary Club is autonomous subject to compliance with RI, Rotary GB&I and Club Constitutions.

Dignity Policy

more We all know that communication has become faster and easier with the introduction of modern technology; we also all need to understand and avoid the crossing of lines in communication or behaviour that can result in problems for all concerned.

Why Sign the Compliance Confirmation Form?

more Why clubs should sign the form each year

Protection of Children Policy

more The Clubs believe that children have the right to be secure from abuse, and Rotary GB&I are committed to protecting all the children in their care from harm and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government

Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy

more The Clubs recognize that the services they provide are used by adults who are vulnerable or may be vulnerable at certain times.

Health and Safety

more Rotary GB&I acknowledges that it has a responsibility to ensure that all Rotary districts and Rotary clubs within Rotary GB&I are made aware of the essential need to plan and organise all Rotary activities and events in a safe manner.

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