Fri, Dec 18th 2020 at 9:00 am -

Annual Christmas Collection. Non-Manned for 6 Days.
To support local charities at Christmas.

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Email 11th Nov.2020 from Pres. Peter Ford....

Peter Ford has sent this message via the members only area of the club website:

Hello all,

Following last nights Club Council meeting, and as Christmas will soon be upon us, I want to update all Club members on news about collecting at Morrisons this year.
Thanks to Pete Williams hard nosed negotiating and determination with Morrisons we can collect there this year.

We are going to place the Barrel Organ inside (near the security chaps post ) with a collecting bucket, music playing .
All tills and petrol station will have collecting buckets.
No Rotarians to attend, a 'static' collection.
We now have 6 collection days upgraded from 3.
Dates are 18/19/20/21/22/23 December.

There will be team of 'three Petes' leading logistical preparations for this and a request for help with staffing for this will be needed.
This will mainly be a rota for setting up and taking down Barrel Organ each day.

I appreciate that not all members will want/be able to assist, but now we have this confirmed we need to ensure its a success.

Thanks for your support ,

Pete Ford