District 9570 Drought Australia

Leaning to live with the global pandemic is one thing but when a country has to cope with a long term severe drought as well it's much more serious - read this appeal from District 9570 in Australia, just received by our own D.G. Tim

Dear Tim J. Mason

  I am writing to seek your support in connection with our Districts ongoing drought.  Our District is 600,000 sq km and nearly all of this area is in drought.  In some areas the drought is in its 10th consecutive year.

 The significant social impacts occurring as a result of the drought in our District  include serious erosion of income for farms and small businesses, increasing rural poverty, increased workloads (both on-farm and off), the need to seek alternative income, health (including mental health) and welfare issues, problematic service access, overload on service providers, declining educational access and particular issues for  business operators, the aged, young people, and children.  One of the consequences of the impacts outlines above is there will be children that will not receive Christmas presents this year as a result of the ongoing drought.

As mentioned above mental health is real and immediate problem sometimes resulting in suicide.  Many farmers have sold the remaining livestock, as a result of no rain and consequently no food.  Often it is a challenge to put food on the table. Our District has obtained grants and direct funding from the community and associated Rotary clubs but this avenue of financing the drought is exhausted. 

 We understand that you will also have challenges in your District, but we are asking that if you have any spare money that you consider helping our drought appeal.  We should make the point that all the money will go directly to farmers in our area.  We thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

Adele Hughes

District Governor

District 9570, Australia