Young Writer Competition

Mon, May 3rd 2021 at 6:19 pm - 8:19 pm

The Rotary Club of Whitby & District is pleased to announce the winners of the Young Writer Competition 2021.

Young Writer Results

Local young writers aged 7-17 years were challenged to wax lyrical on the theme "My Town, My Future."

As well as supporting and encouraging the development of writing skills, the theme of this competition aimed to encourage young people to share what it is like to live in the Whitby area and suggest ways to improve opportunities and lifestyles for their age group.

Rotary wishes to acknowledge the enthusiasm shown by the entrants and the teaching staff from the schools that submitted entries.

Also a big thankyou to the volunteers from the Whitby Community who judged the competition:-

Local children's author G P Taylor, Whitby Town Mayor Linda Wild, June Young, Janet Peake, Geraldine Malone, Edwin Black, Michael Menier, Angela Verrill, Ian Kirchner-Waines from North Yorkshire Youth.  

All the entrants recieved a certificate recognising their achievements. Winners were awarded book tokens and hand made pens donated by Whitby Men's Sheds.

Glaisdale Primary School submitted the most entries to the competition and will receive a prize of £100 to spend on library books.


7-10 years

1st - Lara Telling

2nd - Megan Fusco

Joint 3rd - Matilda Fusco, Pearl Day and Thomas Tindall.

Lara Telling – 1st place 7-10 years category

My Town, My Future, My Story

by Lara Telling.

I love my town of Whitby,

Its exciting and it’s fun,

Playing on the beaches

In the hot, bright sun.

Beach huts and rock pools,

Searching for fossils,

Building sandcastles to

Decorate with cockles.

Captain Cook’s statue

Stares straight ahead,

While a cheeky, white seagull

Stands on his head.

The magnificent abbey

Standing so still,

With its beautiful Rose window,

At the top of the hill.

Church street is pretty,

With lots of book shops,

The pavements are cobbled

and you can buy lollipops!

Fish and chips on the beach

taste very yummy,

but watch out for the seagulls

who want to fill their own tummies!

Swimming in Maybeck’s

Hidden faerie pools,

Falling Foss waterfall

and cakes at Midge Hall.

Out on the moors,

Where the heather grows,

Skylarks sing while the

Summer wind blows.

So this is my town

And my story of Whitby,

My future ahead

 Is an untold mystery!!!!!

11-13 years

Joint 1st - Fred Stamp & Romy White

Joint 3rd - Ellen Hall, Skye Telling and Theodore Brown.

Fred Stump - Joint 1ST 11-13 years category

My Town, My Future

There was once a man I knew who lived up near the Whitby Abbey, I talked to him every day, a day didn’t go by when I didn’t stop and have a chat. He was quite short, he had straight grey hair, he was quite old, probably in his late 60s. He had a small nose and big blue eyes. He used to dress in a shirt and green jumper with baggy jeans and battered trainers. He lived in a small house with his big husky who he walked every single day down the beach. But there was one thing that he was always known for. His enormous amount of energy. For someone in his late 60s it is not normal for them to have a kickabout with the sporty kids, or to run marathons with the running team. It was just extraordinary, it might not sound that amazing but if you took one look at him you wouldn’t instantly go, ‘oh yeah he’s definitely an athlete’. You could give him any DIY job and he would be able to do it. You could give him any piece of gardening to do and he’d be straight on it. You could put him in the middle of the ocean, and I bet you he’d get out. He was a freak of nature; he could do anything. He was also one of the kindest people I have ever known. His stories were amazing. When I was younger, he’d tell me about how he’d been to the moon and met the queen. All lies but great stories. As I got older, I realized that he actually didn’t have a life of fame and riches. He lived a very quiet life aside from the football and DIY. He wasn’t known by the world in any way. He was just known by a few people in Whitby who saw him as a great friend. He was not famous; he was not rich but if I could choose to be anyone, I’d be him.

Romy White – Joint 1st 11-13 years category

My Town, My Future.

Whitby is my town,

The Abbey standing proud,

The seagulls circling in the sky,

The sea stretching far and wide.

People eating fish and chips,

Staring out to sea at the passing ships,

The lighthouse looming at the end of the pier,

The fishing boats drawing ever nearer.

People swimming in the sea,

People walking along the beach,

But then, one day, all of it stopped.

As the whole country was locked.

Schools were shut and shops were closed,

As everyone was told to stay in their homes,

And it was rare that you saw anyone else in the street,

Until people were told they were allowed to meet.

One day it will be how it used to be,

With people back swarming the streets,

Everyone can't wait for the day to come,

When all the lockdowns are over and done. 

14-17 years

1st - Edward Brown

2nd - Jim Peirson

3rd - Anya Swales

Edward Brown – 1ST 14-17 years category

My Town, My Future 

I slammed the door shut and stepped out into the evening air. The sun was setting leaving the sky painted with dark shades of red and orange. I started walking at a fast pace down into town. 

 After my anger subsided, I looked around me at the beauty of my empty town. Silence. The light from the streetlamps shimmered gracefully across the still and black river. The dark, menacing silhouettes of buildings towered over me. 

  I spotted a bench overlooking the river and I wandered towards it and sat down. The metal was cold against my back. The sun had finally submerged itself under the horizon and the bright starlight was covered ominously with dark, thick, overcast clouds. 

 The shouts from earlier echoed as sharp cold whispers in my mind. I started to question myself. Would I have a future? If I did, where would it take me? Could I survive alone? Would I have a stable career? None of these questions answered themselves and I was left to ponder. 

  I stared over at the fishing nets, lobster pots and the little boats slowly bobbing up and down in the murky water. Maybe I’d have an exciting job somewhere abroad and never have to come back to this town again. Live happily and never have to see my disappointed parents again. Maybe I could find someone who really loved me and we would start a family away from them. 

I stood up and continued my walk. Crossing the bridge. I stopped once more and stared at my reflection staring back at myself. I swiftly turned around not wanting to look and finished crossing the bridge. 

  Maybe my future would be the opposite. I might get a job in an office and waste my years sitting behind a desk typing at a computer my fingers slowly rotting. 

  I started walking along the cobbled street. Small shops and cafes lining either side. I looked through the windows, at the perfect displays. I might end up working in a cafe or a shop or a restaurant. Cleaning up after people or listening to people complaining. 

  I continued walking down the cobbled street; Occasionally tripping on the stones. I started to head towards the pier and I could really start to feel the cold biting at me now. 

  I walked down the hill and eventually got to the pier. Salty gusts of wind blew at me from all sides as I tried to keep my balance. I stood at the end of the pier and looked off towards the horizon.

  Even after my walk I hadn't decided where the future would take me.  The clouds started to clear and I looked up at the stars. Maybe my future would be out there or maybe it would be here in my town.