World Polio Day - October 23rd in the High Street

Sat, Oct 23rd 2021 at 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We celebrate World Polio Day and Rotary's formative and continuing work to eliminate polio from the world. Epsom Market Place.

Picture of child taking Polio vaccine

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World Polio Day: 24th October 2021. This is one of the best opportunities to tell the Rotary Polio Story


Ronnie Smith, as you are probably aware, chairs the Foundation Committee in Epsom Rotary.  As such she wants something special to happen on World Polio Day , Sunday 24th October (and Saturday 23rd to make it a weekend of service), to advertise how Rotary has been a lead in the fight to eradicate Polio.  The success of the fight against Polio is an incredible success story and, although many people now believe it was due to Bill Gates, Rotary was there at the beginning and is still delivering.


The purpose of our event in Epsom High Street  is mainly publicity, but there may be a spin-off in recruiting new members.  The minimum she wants to see is a presence in or around the clock tower or Ashley Centre on Sunday 24th October, and on Saturday 23rd.  This is an opportunity for all Rotarians to come to a stall, hand out literature and talk to the public about Polio and Epsom Rotary (Ronnie insists the purpose is not to talk to each other) .  If we make the slots only one hour long then almost anyone can come down and play a part.  We should also have a purple crocus in our buttonhole or Rotary clothing so we stand out.


If we can get authority then it would be nice to illuminate the clock-tower in purple and have some big signs explaining why we have lit it.  Ronnie is pursuing this with Epsom and Ewell Council - there may be a cost involved.