Rotary - Sponsored International Walk 2021

Fri, Oct 1st 2021 at 2:44 pm- Tue, Nov 30th 2021 - 11:00 pm

To fund a
Pre and Post Natal Clinic

Please join “The Rotary – Sponsored International Walk 2021” with a target to walk 10,000,000 steps to fund a Pre and Post Natal Programme in Tondo, Manila by the “Purple Community Fund” (PCF). The Programme will ensure:

The health and wellbeing of babies and their mothers will be improved
Maternal services will be available to the poorest women. The average wage in Tondo is £74 a month against a national average of £375 a month
Maternal health services which have been severely reduced because of the pandemic and the Government suspending payment to health professionals will be continued for the support of the most vulnerable women

Please see video and attached proposal and leaflet. Allan Smith is the District lead for this project which will fund 170 babies and young mothers for just under £72 per baby. The Club has agreed to support the project by match funding up to £1,500.

The concept is simple each Rotary family is sponsored to walk at least 250,000 steps over the 31 days of October just over 8,000 steps a day FOR THE FAMILY this is NOT additional steps but every step the family take during the day. A general guide is 2,000 steps to a mile, and we suggest you download an App such as Pacer which will automatically count and record your steps. Please do not limit yourself to 250,000 steps we need as many steps as possible to complete our challenge. If you feel this target is too much for you to complete, please decide, your own target, or ask someone to walk on your behalf or if you wish please just send a donation, you will be credited with 2,500 steps for one pound donated.

Please make a donation by


WE WANT TO INCLUDE EVERY MEMBER OF THE CLUB so please register with Geoff Shepherd at 

and email or text him the number of steps you complete each day. We attach a form for you to keep track of the steps you have taken.