What has District 1070 Done for Ukraine

This page is designed to list what District 1070 has done for the Ukraine Crisis. Please do not see it as a league table, please see it as an opportunity for us to publicise what we collectively have achieved.


The following clubs have contributed towards our districts efforts for Ukraine Relief.





What has been achieved

RC Ashby Clubs Donation  
RC Ashby Castle Donation   
 RC Blaby Meridan
House provided by a member for a female refugee and her two children.   The Club has furnished it and provided food and support pending the setting up of bank accounts 
RC Boston    7 Members volunteered to take in Refugees
RC Boston St Bottolph Donation  
RC Bourne Donation  
RC Coalville Belvoir   Members assisted at a local community centre sorting and packing aid donation
RC Danetre Daventry Donation  Working with a UN Agency to get a disabled Mother of a Daventry Resident out of Kyiv and to Daventry.
We have also had an Afternoon Tea with the local Ukrainian Guests.
See Danetre Daventry page on the left.
RC The Deepings Donation  
RC Dist 1070 E-Club Donation  
RC Grantham  Donation Several members used the club money to purchase a substantial number of items which Morrison's very generously discounted. The goods were then delivered to the Polish shop Malinska, from where they were driven to Poland for the Ukraine.

A concert on Saturday 2nd April swiftly set up in the Grantham Market Place with the aid of South Kesteven District Council. Local artists gave their time. Both Polish and Ukrainian refugees sang National songs. The Eden Wine Bar then donated a free meal afterwards for them.

RC Grantham Sunrise Donation  
RC Hinckley Ambion Donation  
RC Huntingdon Donation  
RC Kettering Huxloe Donation   
RC Lincoln Donation   
RC Lincoln Colonia Donation  Cake Stall in Nettleham

Run for Ukraine event in Lincoln Centre.

RC Leicester Donation  
 RC Loughborough Beacon Donation   
RC Market Harborough  Donation  1 Member volunteered to take in Refugee Family
RC Melton Mowbray Donation  
RC Melton Aurora Donation   Collected money from our Market Stall in Melton.

Helped load Lorries with Ukraine relief supplies.

Donated Pharmaceuticals for Andrea and Kerry to take to Ukraine

RC Melton Belvoir
Purchase of Shelterboxes 
RC Melton Mowbray Enterprise Donation  See Melton Enterprise pages on the left.

Barn Dance Event

RC Nene Valley Donation  
RC Northampton Donation  
RC Northampton Beckett Donation

We recently held a fundraising event to support some Ukranian families that have relocated locally. The event raised £400 which was matched from club funds making a total of £800.

After a lot of deliberations we have allocated the money on the clubs behalf as follows:-

a) Purchase of a bike and accessories for a mother Yuliya who is living  with a family in Church Way Weston Favell with her young daughter. This will greatly enhance her chances to find and get to work. She is currently  volunteering daily at a food bank.

(b) Potentially helping a primary aged Ukrainian school boy at Little Harrowden school with his educational needs.

(c) Making a donation to a Ukrainian Support group based at a Church in Wollaston. The vicar is the lead on this group and currently is helping with about 10 families in the Wellingborough area and surrounding villages.

The recurring theme is that these families not only bear the pain of forced separation but also arrive with only a suitcase and very little, if any, money. The practical help we have given is very much appreciated  by the families.

RC Northampton West Donation  
RC Oadby Launde Donation   
RC Oundle Donation  
RC Peterborough Donation  Numerous individual donations made by Rotary members and friends including warm clothing, toiletries, medicines and first aid requisites have been shipped to Poland and Ukraine by the Peterborough Ukrainian Church and by a Peterborough based Polish restauranteur who has been sending shipping containers of aid weekly. President Elect Marcus Horrell has been actively helping to fill the shipping containers.The club members are working actively with a number of locals to provide welcome packs and other essentials as refugees arrive in our area.
RC Ramsey Donation Donations: £3,342 to date, some from residual funds and also from one street collection and a static collection at Tesco, Ramsey.
We have created beautiful welcome bags, filled with lots of essential and a few luxury items for new refugee arrivals.

We are actively involved in both the Ramsey Support Group and Huntingdon Support Group for Ukrainian refugees.
RC Rushden Donation  Funds sent direct to RC of Zamosc Ordonyzca Club benevolent account with members individual donations.
Race night held with all proceeds going directly to the fund. 
RC Rushden Chichele Donation From our charity funds, raised from numerous events during the year. 
RC Rutland Donation  
RC Shepshed Donation   
RC Shepshed Charnwood Donation  
RC Sleaford Donation  
RC Sleaford Kesteven Donation  
RC Soar Valley Donation   
RC Spalding Donation   
RC Spilsby Donation  
RC Stamford Burghley Donation  
RC Thrapston and Raunds Donation   
RC Towcester Donation  
RC Uppingham Donation 1 member hosting refugee family & Reserved Funds for future local needs to support Ukrainian Family
RC Welland & Spalding Donation  
RC Wellingborough Donation  
RC Wellingborough Hatton Donation   
RC Wreake Valley Donation  

As at Monday 23rd May District 1070 has donated in excess of £100,000 to Foundation and other Rotary Ukraine Disaster  Relief Funds.

NEWS UPDATE 06/05/2022

Our District Aid to Refugees Fund has now reached £68,000 with £58,000 sent to Poland and Romania.

NEWS UPDATE 06/04/2022

A Rotarian Couple from the RC of Market Harborough are taking in a Ukrainian refugee family of two parents and a child.  They met this family in France on their long journey to the UK. They are awaiting finalapproval from the local council.

Another member of the club is selling greeting cards that she produced herself for Ukraine. In a short time she has sold  over 100 cards at £2 per card.

News Update 13/04/2022

We have received £53,000+ into our account and have dispatched £44,500 to Poland and Romania; we have sent: 6 donations totalling £29,430 to Poland, and 3 totalling  £15,000 to Romania; we are currently investigating need in Moldova.  The fund is also open for individual donations which can attract a 25% addition through GiftAid; a number of individual Rotarians have made donations.  We are extremely grateful for all donations.

The Rotary Foundation Disaster Response Fund has attarcted donations of cash and DDF totalling  $7M and has issued 33 Disaster Response Grants to a total value of approx $1M.

News Update 20/04/2022

The Rotary Foundation Disaster Response Fund has now received over $8.8 million dollars.  If you are thinking of projects in your area to support Ukrainian refugees talk to Hugh Holden about being part of a district application for a grant of $25,000 to support such work. 

News Update 21/04/2022

The following information has been put together by  Andrea Fiford of the  Melton Rotary Enterprise Club

Are you able to assist us in supporting disabled refugees fleeing Ukraine? 

The Melton Enterprise group is sending funds to Rotary and People2people in Oradea, Romania, as they work together to provide transportation out of Ukraine to Oradea, safe and supportive accommodation and the assistance in arranging and transporting to longer term homes. The funds we send assist in paying for transport and accommodation costs.

If you would like to hear more please read the below details and see the links, and contact me as required. 

Many thanks

Our club has a connection with the English charity Ability-unlocked which led to us just having spent an amazing 7 days in Oradea, Romania, with Pete Malkin from Ability-unlocked, and whilst there also spending time with Nicu from People2people and the Rotary club of Oradea. 

Pete has a real heart and dedication for those with disabilities, and a history of working in Romania and Ukraine to support and improve the conditions for disabled people. In Oradea he works in the community with local church groups  to support isolated disabled individuals. 

When the Ukrainian crisis arose he was quick to connect with colleagues who also have a passion for the vulnerable and to target practical support to disabled refugees seeking to flee the war zone. Pete has made many contacts in Ukraine, including with the minister for disabilities and the Rotary club of Uzharrod, and was able to co-ordinate a system where they are notified when vulnerable, disabled adults and children were trying to make the crossing. With the support of People2people, and Caminul Felix they have been able to collect disabled refugees and their families from Ukraine and bring them to Oradea, finding safe accomodation for them at Caminul Felix homes. Once there the refugees are given time to recover from their traumatic experiences, supported to register and identify where they wish to travel onto, or to find longer term accommodation in Oradea. Assistance is then given to help get them to these locations.

As well as offering a little practical assistance, during our visit we were able to facilitate closer links with two Rotary clubs in Oradea, and access some financial assistance through our club and our district to Rotary in Oradea, then onto ability-unlocked and People2People.

We saw first hand the excellent accommodation and support being given to families with disabilities at a number of centres whilst there, and personally joined an emotional night trip in a coach to the border last week to collect a group of 30 refugees, 7 in wheelchairs, 4 blind and some with other disabilities. They have been temporarily accommodated at Noble house, Caminul Felix. 

The charities rely on donations to fund fuel and vehicle hire costs, accomodation and food costs for the refugees. There are no specialist vehicles for disabilities available to the charities and people often have to be man-handled into vehicles to be transported, Pete hopes adapted minibuses may also be funded and sourced in the near future.

If you are looking to support disabled refugees I can highly recommend these dedicated and most trustworthy of individuals, and the commendable organisations behind them. I would be glad to give you more details as required and the web addresses of the charities, and a few of our personal photos. 




Andrea Fiford

Melton Rotary Enterprise Club

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