ShelterBox at Bearsden & Milngavie Highland Games

Sat, Jun 10th 2023 at 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

What is a ShelterBox? What is in it? How does it support those in need following a disaster eg earthquakes, floods, etc? See and find out the answers at the Highland Games. Try our fun fund raiser to buy a ShelterBox and tools.

Visit our stand at the Highland Games to see what the disaster support charity ShelterBox is all about and what they send to disaster areas.  ShelterBox was established 23 years ago by a Rotary Club in Devon as its milleneum project and is now an independant charity supported by Rotary Clubs across the world. 

Turkey/Syria earthquakes, flooding in Pakistan, help in Ukraine, countries across Africa and many more across the world.  What is in a ShelterBox?  Come and see the contents and a ShelterBox tent.  How much does it cost for the items and to kit out a ShelterBox.

Maybe you would like to donate .  You can do this anytime at ShelterBox Emergency Disaster Relief or on the day.  Please reference Allander Rotary if you donate online.  

As well as seeing the contents and having a look inside one of the tents you can have a go at our fund raiser for ShelterBox.  Its a bit if fun with a cash prize of £30 to the winner.  Have a go for 50p or 3 goes for £1 in our guess the amount competition. Everyone can have a go.   Who in your family will be closest to the answer?  Results will be posted on this page and our social media following the games.

What's in the bag?

How does this work, how is it used and a wee bonus in its design?