Kids Go Out With KIDSOUT

Fri, Jun 16th 2023 at 12:13 pm - 2:13 pm

Kids from Pebsham Primary Accadamy go for a fun day at Knockhatch with KidsOut

Kids go out with KidsOut to Knockhatch

For many years Bexhill Rotary Club, in conjunction with KidsOut, has taken a number of schoolchildren each June for a special day out at Knockhatch Adventure Park near Hailsham at no expense for the school involved.

KidsOut is a Rotary charity which has been running since 1990. Its purpose is to give disadvantaged children an unforgettable experience that they wouldn’t usually be able to have, for whatever reason. The children that Bexhill Rotary Club usually concentrate on are those with a physical or mental impairment, and/or those unable to enjoy an event or days out through lack of finance or family circumstances.

And so it was on a bright and sunny day in June that Bexhill Rotary’s President Perry Puddefoot accompanied by Bexhill Rotarians Rodney Gadsden and Jenna Ward descended on Pebsham Primary Academy, the school that had been chosen for this year’s outing, to collect 26 very eager children along with teachers for their trip of adventure.

Before moving off in the specially hired coach for the occasion, each child was presented with a special KidsOut cap. Then it was on to Knockhatch Adventure Park where many adventures took place. There were rides to be

tackled, there were sings to swing on, the slides to slide down, and a good array of animals to see as well.

After all the fun and games, a picnic lunch followed, and to finish off things ice creams and lollies provided by the Bexhill Rotarians were distributed to the party. After a few more rides, swings and slides were dealt with, the party boarded the coach for their journey home having had a brilliant time that they will remember for a very long time still clutching their KidsOut caps to remind them of such a special day out.

Bexhill Rotary’s President Perry summed up things by saying, “It was a great to see the children’s faces light up and to see the joy that they had at Knockhatch, and I am pleased that Bexhill Rotary Club continues with this annual event which was obviously appreciated so much by the both the children and the school.”

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