Add the Club programme to Google Calendar

Simply add your club programme to your smartphone, tablet or computer

You can easily add the data from your club programme to your smartphone, tablet device or computer - just follow these easy steps.

I'm using Google Calendar for this - but the process will be similar for other programmes.

In the member's area, click the 'future programme' menu, then click on the calendar icon, as shown below.

create a csv file

this will create a file in the format Rotary1103.csv, where 1103 is the ClubID number of your club. Save this file in a convenient location. (You can then use the csv file to import into Outlook or a number of different programmes).

Assuming you have a Google account, open Google Calendar. There are 2 different ways you might want to proceed:

  1. Import it direct into your existing calendar (this is the easiest route, but problematic if you want to delete all future entries and reimport the file later in the year)
  2. Create a new calendar

If doing the first option, ignore the next couple of screenshots below and import the file to your existing calendar.

Click the arrow by 'my Calendars', then 'Create New Calendar'

create a new calendar

1 - add a name for your calendar, e.g. ConwyRotary

2) Click 'create calendar'

create new calendar 2

That's the calendar created!

In the screenshot below, you can see that at (1) the ConwyRotary calendar has been created.

import the csv file

Click the down arrow (2) by 'other calendars'

Click 'Import calendar' (3)

1) Choose file.. - a new window will open. navigate to where you saved your RotaryXXXX.csv file

2) Click on it

3) Click Open

4) Click the down arrow by you calendar list and choose the name of your new calendar (e.g. 'ConwyRotary')

5) Click 'Import'

21import your csv file

That's it!  After a few moments you will be able to see the club programme on your Google Calendar. To view it actoss all your devices, e.g. Android tablet, i-Phone etc, you will need to synchronise (NB - settings vary - I needed to state that I wanted the ConwyRotary calendar to be included in the synchronisation).