Completed meetings and events 2018-2019

Sat 17th November 2018 Tree of Light switch-on

Sanderson Arcade

Tue 13th November 2018 Business Meeting and District Quiz

Mon 12th November 2018 Tour of Moody Logistics

Industrial visit

Tue 6th November 2018 Membership presentation

Len Burns, responsible for District Membership, makes a presentation related to our recent survey of members.

Mon 5th November 2018 Council Meeting


Tue 23rd October 2018 What a load of rubbish!

Yes, but how do we deal with it?
Lorna Tingey, NCC Recycling Officer, has some ideas.

Tue 16th October 2018 Mr Grainger's Market

Freda Thompson will tell the story of this Newcastle landmark.

Tue 9th October 2018 Business Meeting


Mon 1st October 2018 Council Meeting


Tue 25th September 2018 Collingwood School and Media Arts College

Richard Jones, Headmaster, will tell us about them.

Tue 18th September 2018 Recollections of the Royal Navy

Ken Branson, former leader of Hull City Council and active member of the community in Rothbury, explains how he made it to Admiral only after he left the Navy.

Tue 11th September 2018 Business Meeting


Tue 4th September 2018 Run, Geordie, Run. Fancy running around the World? Mark is.

In stages, Mark Allinson is running 20,000 miles around the World in aid of NE Charities. He's half way to his goal. Bring your trainers.

Mon 3rd September 2018 Council Meeting


Tue 28th August 2018 No meeting


Tue 21st August 2018 Team Rubicon - who are they and what do they do?

North Eastern organiser Andrew Broadbent explains.

Tue 14th August 2018 Business meeting and District Governor's visit


Tue 7th August 2018 No meeting


Mon 6th August 2018 Council meeting - NB venue

.This will be held at President Bob's home.

Tue 31st July 2018 My stammering journey.

Arthur Young's experience.

Tue 24th July 2018 Northumbrian Bits and Pieces

Dialect word, rhyme, and song of Northumberland. Who else but Alex Swailes.

Tue 17th July 2018 Business Meeting


Tue 10th July 2018 No meeting


Tue 3rd July 2018 Colin Dyson is speaker.

Colin introduces himself to the Club.

Mon 2nd July 2018 Council Meeting

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