Completed meetings and events 2017-2018

Thu 28th June 2018 Handover

Tonight is Handover Night when President David will hand over to Pres Elect Bob B
Host:- Pres & Pres Elect
S.I&C:- Bob Bayliss
T.S&G:-Rob Baker

Thu 21st June 2018 T.B.A

Tonight's Meeting T.B.A
S.I&C:-John Tweedale
T.S&G:-Ilse Stride

Thu 14th June 2018 T.B.A

Tonight's meeting T.B.A
S.I&C:-Andrew Page
T.S&G:-Keith Perkins

Thu 7th June 2018 A Walk in the Wyre Forest

James Tibbetts, Chairman of the Royal Forestry Society and owner of 200 acres of the forest, will lead a walk for members and partners. A meal at the Running Horse will follow.
Andrew Page

Thu 31st May 2018 T.B.A

Tonight's meeting T.B.A.
S.I&C:-Derek Killingworth
T.S&G:-Roger Jones

Thu 24th May 2018 Club Assembly

Tonight will be Club Assembly.
S.I&C:-Elaine James
T.S&G:-Michael McMillan

Thu 17th May 2018 T.B.A

Tonight's Meeting T.B.A
S.I&C:-Stuart Hellier
T.S&G:- Neil Hardwick

Thu 10th May 2018 T.B.A

Tonight's meeting T.B.A
S.I&C:- Michel Gaud
T.S&G:- Terry Garbett

Thu 3rd May 2018 A Humorous Evening with David Skitt

Tonight David Skitt will be visiting us for what looks to be a very entertaining evening.
Host:- Neil Hardwick
S,I&C:- Tom Elliott
T.S&G:- Bob Eaton

Thu 26th April 2018 Business Meeting & A.G.M.

Tonight will be a Business Meeting & our A.G.M.
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Sheila Cookson
T.S&G:-John Cox

Thu 19th April 2018 Worcestershire Night

Tonight is Worcestershire Night--Details to be announced

Thu 12th April 2018 Speaker - Dave Griffin

I needed I'm able to help others. Dave Griffin's own inspirational story.
S.I&C:-Derrick Bumpstead
T.S&G:-Bambos Constantinou

Wed 11th April 2018 Council Meeting

Tonight there will be a Council Meeting @ Bewdley Pines Golf Club.
Host:- President

Thu 5th April 2018 Tom Elliott--The History of Mine Transport

As Tom's original talk was postponed, tonight Tom will be giving his re scheduled talk on the History of Mine Transport
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Graham Bullock
T.S&G:-Stan Bonas

Thu 29th March 2018 Mike Winspur's Members Night

Tonight Mike will give us a talk on Transport rules & regulations
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Rob Baker
T.S&G:-Bob Bayliss

Thu 22nd March 2018 Ethnic Night

Tonight SVP Bob will be arranging our Ethnic Night
Host:- President
Cash on the Night:- Colin Amor

Thu 15th March 2018 St. Basil's--Anne Morton & Claire Howard

Tonight--Anne Morton will be giving us an update on St Basil's & Claire Howard for Night Stop
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Dave Tyrrell
T.S&G:- Mike Winspur

Thu 8th March 2018 Cinema Visit--St Georges Hall

Visit to Cinema in the Hall to see "Breathe" the story of Robin Cavendish, who contracted polio at the age of 28 and was given only months to live - Take your tissues with you!
Click on button below to view the official trailer read more...

Thu 1st March 2018 Tom Elliott

Tonight's Tom will be giving us a quiz based on his recent talk on Hero's
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Keith Perkins
T.S&G:-Heinz Spohrer

Thu 22nd February 2018 Elaine James Members Night

Tonight Elaine will be bringing her son Steven along to talk to us. Details of talk to follow.
Host:- Elaine James
S.I&C:-Andrew Page
T.S&G:- Alan Percy

Thu 15th February 2018 Business Meeting

Tonight will be a Business Meeting.
S.I&C:- Bob Hill
T.S&G:- Konrad Nofer

Thu 8th February 2018 Neil's Music Evening

Tonight is Neil's 60's & 70's night. where members have chosen 2 songs and will be invited to explain what the relevance of them are.
Host:- Neil Hardwick
S.I&C:-Roger Jones
T.S&G:-Derek Killingworth

Wed 7th February 2018 Council Meeting

Tonight there will be a Council Meeting @ Bewdley Pines G.C.
Host:- President

Thu 1st February 2018 Theatre Night

Tonight Mr President has arranged our annual trip to the rose Theatre to see "No Sex Please we're British" Details to follow

Thu 25th January 2018 Burns Night

Our newest member Michael McMillan will be organising a Burn's Night
Host:- Michael McMillan
S.I&C:-Neil Hardwick
T.S&G:- Tom Elliott

Thu 18th January 2018 Tom Elliott's Members night

Tonight Tom will give us a talk entitled "Hero's" possibly something to do with music perhaps?
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Terry Garbett
T.S&G:- Michel Gaud

Thu 11th January 2018 T.B.A

Tonight's meeting T.B.A.
S.I&C:- Bob Eaton
T.S&G:- Tom Elliott

Thu 4th January 2018 Youth Exchange Evening

Presentations from Alex Prescott and Tia Wheeler who attended Rotary Youth Exchange camps in Finland last summer.
Host:- Andrew Page
S.I&C:- Dave Drackley
T.S&G:- Jim Crate

Thu 28th December 2017 No Meeting---Happy New Year

No Meeting---Happy New Year

Thu 21st December 2017 No Meeting--Merry Christmas

No Meeting---Merry Christmas

Thu 14th December 2017 Christmas Meal.

Tonight is our Annual Christmas Meal @ Bewdley Pines G.C.
Host:- Pres
Cash on the night

Thu 7th December 2017 Fellowship & Christmas attire Night

Tonight will be our pre Christmas Fellowship night with Christmas Attire being dress code for the night and maybe one of Bob's Christmas Quizzes for those who wish to take part.
Host:- All of us
Cash on the night:-Derrick Bumpsteed

Thu 30th November 2017 Tom Elliott's Members Evening-Featuring Eliza Botham

Tonight Tom Elliott will be bringing Eliza Botham Programme Manager @ Stourport Forward with the title of the talk being "Bramble & Beyond"
S.I&C:-Graham Bullock
T.S&G:-Stan Bonas

Thu 23rd November 2017 An evening @ Kateshill

Tonight will be an "Evening @ Kateshill" (Details later)
Host:- Graham & Judith Bullock
S.I&C:-Rob Baker

Thu 16th November 2017 Special General & Business Meeting

Tonight is our Special General Meeting & Business Meeting
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Alan Wood
T.S&G:- Bob Bayliss

Wed 15th November 2017 Council Meeting

Tonight there will be a council meeting @ Bewdley Pines Golf Club

Thu 9th November 2017 Charity Golf Day Presentation Night

Tonight we will be holding the presentation night for our Charity Golf Day. When local charities will be presented with their cheques.
Host:- President
Cash on the night:-Dave Tyrrell

Thu 2nd November 2017 Valery Marshall-NYAS-- National Youth Advocacy Service

Tonight we will welcome Valerie Marshall from NYAS who will explain her role in the organisation.
Host:- Terry Garbett
S.I&C:-Ilse Stride
T.S&G:-John Tweedale

Fri 27th October 2017 Annual Rotary Charity Quiz

Tonight will be our annual Charity Quiz @ Rock Village Hall-Details and tickets to follow later.

Thu 26th October 2017 Fellowship Evening

As we have our Quiz tomorrow tonight will be a fellowship evening for those wishing to attend--Details later.
Cash on the night:-Keith Perkins

Thu 19th October 2017 Business Meeting

Tonight will be a Business Meeting.
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Andrew Page
T.S&G:-Allan Percy

Thu 12th October 2017 Eliza Botham--"Bramble & Beyond"

Tonight we have a talk from Eliza Botham the subject "Bramble & Beyond"
Host:- Tom Elliott
S.I&C. Derek Killingworth
T.S&G. Konrad Nofer

Wed 11th October 2017 Council Meeting

Tonight there will be a council meeting @ Bewdley Pines Golf Club.

Thu 5th October 2017 Skittles Night

Tonight Alan Wood is organising a Charity Skittles Night.
Host:- Alan Wood
Cash on the Night:- Elaine James

Thu 28th September 2017 Gillian Adams--West Mercia Womens Aid.

Tonight we will be visited by Gillian Adams from West Mercia Womens Aid who will talk about the Womens Refuge Centre and related subjects.
Host:- Dave Tyrrell
S.I&C:-Stuart Hellier
T.S&G;-Bob Hill

Thu 21st September 2017 Abi Floyd--Stroke Association--(PARTNERS NIGHT)

Tonight--Abi Floyd from the Stroke Association will be giving the talk.
Tonight will also be a PARTNERS NIGHT.
Host:- Terry Garbett
S.I&C:-Michel Gaud
T.S&G:-Neil Hardwick

Thu 14th September 2017 Visit of our "Young Mayor" from Bewdley High School

There has been an appointment of a "Young Mayor" from Bewdley High School tonight we will visited by our "Young Mayor"
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Tom Elliott
T.S&G:- Michel Gaud

Thu 7th September 2017 An Evening with Bob Eaton

"An Evening with Bob Eaton" anyones guess a to what it will be about!!
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Dave Drackley
T.S&G:-Bob Eaton

Thu 31st August 2017 Dave Drackley--Members Night

Tonight Dave Drackley will give a talk entitled "The Italian Job"
Host:- President
S.I&C:- John Cox
T.S&G:- Jim Crate

Thu 24th August 2017 Fellowship Evening

Due to the fact that a number of members will be visiting Rotary Club of Colwall. Tonight will be a fellowship evening.
Cash on Night:- Bambos

Thu 17th August 2017 Visit of our District Governor-Charan Bunger

Tonight we will be visited by our District Governor Charan Bunger
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Graham Bullock
T.S&G:- Derrick Bumpsteed

Thu 3rd August 2017 Business Meeting

Tonight will be a business meeting.
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Colin Amor
T.S&G:- Rob Baker

Thu 27th July 2017 Nick Hoyle--

Tonight Alan Wood is bringing along Nick Hoyle the subject being "Dementia Friends"
Host:-Alan Wood
S.I&C:- Bob Hill
T.S&G:- Mike Winspur

Thu 20th July 2017 Ian Hardiman--Preparing Guide Dogs

Tonights Terry has invited Ian Hardiman who will be talking about how he prepares guide dogs
Host:- Terry Garbett
S.I&C:- John Tweedale
T.S&G:- Dvae Tyrrell

Thu 13th July 2017 T.B.A

Tonights Meeting T.B.A
S.I&C:- Ilse Stride
T,S&G:- Heinz Spohrer

Thu 6th July 2017 Tonight will be our annual "Meet the President Bar-B-Que"

Tonight will be our Meet the President evening. A bar-b-que with a bring your own food policy will be available or, as last year, chose from the daytime menu in Bewdley Pines.
Host:- President.
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