Future meetings and events

Thu 21st February 2019 at 19.30 - 22.00 Business Meeting

Tonight will be the our Business meeting
Host:- President
S.I&C:- John Cox
T.S&G:- Jim Crate

Thu 28th February 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00 Music & Video Partners Evening

Tonights Meeting Music & Video Evening
Host:- Neil Hardwick
S.I&C:- Rod Crawford

Thu 7th March 2019 at 19.30 - 22.00 T.B.A.

Tonight- As it is the Night before our Music & Laughter night, tonights meeting to be confirmed.

Fri 8th March 2019 at 20.00 - 22.30 Music and Laughter Night at St Georges Hall

The ever popular Doug Parker and his friends will be returning for another, sure to be, sell out evening