Future meetings and events

Thu 13th December 2018 at 19.30 - 22.00 Christmas Attire Evening.

Tonight we will have our Christmas Attire Night i.e. Christmas Jumpers, Hats socks. Wear anything that is festive. Also beware there will be a quiz!!!
Host:- Mr President
S.I&C:- Konrad Nofer
T.S&G:- Andrew Page

Thu 20th December 2018 at 19.30 - 22.00 Rotary Christmas Dinner

Tonight is our Christmas Dinner
Host:- Pres
S.I&C:-Mike Pearson
T.S&G:- Keith Perkins

Thu 27th December 2018 at 19.30 - 19.30 No Meeting---Happy New Year

No Meeting tonight-Hope you all have a "Happy New Year"

Fri 18th January 2019 at 19.30 - 22.00 Quiz Night at Pound Green Village Hall

A fundraising event split 50/50 with Pound Green Village Hall and our Club Charity account

Thu 24th January 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00 Burns Night

Mike Macmillan will be organising a second Burns Night

Fri 8th March 2019 at 20.00 - 22.30 Music and Laughter Night at St Georges Hall

The ever popular Doug Parker and his friends will be returning for another, sure to be, sell out evening