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 "A Freindly Club Meeting at the Heart of the National Forest"

On behalf of our President, Robert, we would like to welcome you to our freindly club. We are a local community service and social organisation which is there to help people who are suffering both in local and international communities and acheive the Rotary message of 'Service above self'. Founded in 1947 by likeminded proffessionals who wished to spread the message of fellowship and freindship, we have been going strong in our commitment to help people and bring hapiness to their lives. 

As part of the Rotary International family, we strongly beleive in the Rotary motto of 'Service Before Self'. Our members love to show humanitarian spirit  and put the needs of the commnity before that of ourselves. We also follows the messages of the Rotary Four WayTest which helps us determine that we are helping our community.  

Our diverse bank of 20 members, many of who have live in and worked in Swadlincote for a number of years, come from a variety of professional background who are dedicated to furthering the messages of Rotary and help people in need both in South Derbyshire and abroad. Our members enjoy weekly meetings to further fellowship and freindship as we discus our future programme of events and enjoy some of the best guest speakers, many of whom give us insights into issues which can be sympathetic and some who give us a great insight into our own minds and how we view the world.  Our members and their diverse ranges of experience makes our club freindly and from all of our members you would recieve a freindly and warm welcome. We like to mix traditional and modern values every aspect of our work and from giving away coffees on the Delph to raising money for our chosen charities, you will always see our members smile and they always chat to you in a way which shows our love of extending the enjoyable fellowship our members enjoy.   As an organisation within the community, we have been up and running in the community for the past 67 years. Each year we pick a charity to which we are going to support and aid, this year our chosen charity is Swadlincote Villagers CFR, an organisation set up to respond to any emergency and to help save the lives of people in the community. 

Our aims are:

  • To promote friendship and fellowship
  • Engage with society as a whole
  • Bridge the gap of all forms of diversificaion
  • Give back to our community
  • Promote the core Rotary value of 'Service Above Self'
Our weekly meetings at Lakeside, Moira are not just about planing for future events but furthering fellowship by listening to fantastic speakers. these speakers range from charitable organisations telling us about their own work and how we can contribute to furthering their own cause, to speakers talking about subjects varying from historical events to literature and from the hsitory of transportation to the history of our area. In our meetings, we also plan events which help charitable causes and further fellowship within the community. Details about meetings and speakers is posted on the Club programme section of the website. 

As part of RIBI and Rotary International, we are part of the world's largest service organisation. We are a member of Rotary District 1220 and we work side by side with other Rotary clubs on projects which we feel could benefit both the local and international communities as a whole. To this end, we are twinned with the Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa and we cooperate with them on Projects which we hope should benefit the people of Cape Town (more details of which can be fount on our International page). 

There are many different types of membership availible to you ranging from full membership to a Freind of Rotary. If your interested in being involvedyou can contact us via:This Website, Facebook or Twitter

If you would like to know more about the work Rotary does, please take a look at this video.

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Meeting of the Rotary Club of Swadlincote
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Swadlincote

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