Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point

We are a dual gender club with 33 members.  We meet at The Hotel Victoria in Lowestoft every Tuesdays at 6 for 6.30pm.  http://www.thehotelvictoria.co.uk   

We are part of  District 1080 - "Rotary in East Anglia" - Most of East Anglia, including Norfolk, Suffolk, and parts of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire. There are 73 Clubs on District 1080. 

We are very much a local club but we are part of a very large global organisation. Rotary is an international organisation with over 1.3 million members worldwide (July 2015) . We have over 30,000 clubs in more than 200 countries.  With over 50,000 members in the UK alone. All Rotary Clubs are different but we are all a group of people wanting to do good work in the community by volunteering. Our Club is a Charity Registered Club.

Charity Registration No. 1073198 

President  Paul Wilkinson  2016/2017     eastpointrotary@gmail.com

Attend a Meeting contact        Martin Lott   eastpointrotary@gmail.com  

We are getting ready for the Lowestoft Santa Sleigh 2016

Santa Sleigh and his helpers are all voluntary folk, who try and cover as many streets as possible each night. Traffic and weather determine how many streets Santa visits. We are not able to give definite times for the same reason . The local council licence determines the time we are able to be out on the street. #Share


1. Trafalgar St;
2. Left into Harvey St;
3. Right into Steven's St;
4. Right into Norwich Rd;
5. Right into Clemence St;
6. Left into Harvey St;
7. Left into Selby St;
8. Right into Maidstone Rd;
9. Left into Trafalgar St;
10. Left into Norwich Rd;
11. Right into Avondale Rd;
12. Right into Sandringham Rd;
13. Left into Beckham Rd;
14. Left into Stanford St;
15. Right into Ethel Rd;
16. Right into Haward St;
17. Left into Norwich Rd;
18. Continue onto Stanley St;
19. Left into Wollaston Rd;
20. Left into Love Rd;
21. Right into Yeovil Rd;
22. Right into St Peter's St;
23. Left into Winnipeg Rd;
24. Right into Church Rd;
25. Left into Ipswich Rd;
26. Right into St Margaret's Rd;
27. Left into Sussex Rd;
28. Right into Yarmouth Rd;
29. Right into Royal Ave;
30. Right into St Margaret's Rd;
31. Left into Queens Rd to bottom;
32. Right then right into Cambridge Rd;
33. Left then left into Oxford Rd;
34. Right into Church Rd;
35. Left into Burton St;
36. Right into St Peter's St;
37. Left into Beresford Rd;
38. Left into Love Rd;
39. Right into Raglan St;

FINISH AT PUB www.facebook.com/LowestoftSantaSleigh

Monday 5th December      – Hollingsworth Road Areas  (2 Hour Session)  5pm Start
1. Leave Pub, turn left into Hollingsworth Road
2. Right into Europa Road
3. Right into Harris Avenue
4. Right into Minos Road
5. Left into Mylodon Road
6. Left into Hollingsworth Road
7. Right into Montgomery Avenue
8. Right into Normandy Road
9. Left into Spashett Road
10. Right into Westhall Road
11. Right into Wisset Way
12. Left into Rumburgh Road
13 Right into Spexhall Way, Turn at bottom and retrace
14. Right into Rumburgh Road
15. Left into Weston Road
16. Right into Blyford Road
17. At Reyden Mews Turn round and retrace
18. Right into Weston Road Fill tow car with collectors and go
19. Left into Westhall Road Left into Montgomery Avenue
20. Right into Spashett Road Right into Hollingsworth Road
21. Left into El Alamein Road
22. Left into Tedder Road
23. Right into Mountbatten Road
24. Left into Ashley Downs
25. Right into Somerton Ave
26. Right into Mount Pleasant


Wednesday 7th December – Hall Road Area Oulton Broad   5pm Start
1. Down Hall Road
2. Right into Broad Road
3. Right into Clarkson Road
4. Right into Rock Road
5. Left into Hall Road
6. Left into Moyes Road
7. Right into Clarkson Road
8. Through into Gilpin Road
9. Left into Hall Road
10. Left into Chestnut Avenue
11. Left into Grange Road
12. Left into Sands Lane
13. Left into Longfield Way
14. Through into Herons Close
15. Right into Edendale
16. Right into Sands Lane
17. Left into Cheviots Road
18. Left into Grampion Way to End & Retrace
19. Left into Sands Lane
20. Left into Cambrian Crescent to End & Retrace
21. Left into Sands Lane
22. Left into Mendip Road Reverse into Brendon Close & Retrace
23. Right into Sands Lane
24. Return to Start via Chestnut

Thursday 8th December  –    Kessingland - Starting at the Co-Op    5pm Start

1. Into Francis Road and turn around at end
2. Left into Field Lane;
3. Left into St Edmunds Cres.
4. Left into Field Lane;
5. Left into Clare Rd;
6. Right into Griffith Rd;
7. Stop at Grice Close;
8. Turn at end of Griffith Rd;
9. Left into Clare Rd;
10. Left onto Field Lane;
11. Left into Rider Haggard Lane;
12. Left into Strowgers Way - turn at end;
13. Left into Rider Haggard Way;
14. Left into Kipling Close - turn at end;
15. Right into Rider Haggard Way
16. Stop at Durrants Close;
17. Left into Wash Lane;
18. Left into Fishermans Way - turn at end;
19. Stop at Bucknam Close
20. Back onto Wash Lane;
21. Right into Glebe Road East;
22. Stop at end of Mayfield Ave;
23. Stop at end of Winston Close;
24. Left into Peregrine Way;
25. Stop end of Lowlands Cl. and turn round;
26. Left onto Glebe Rd. East;
27. Turn roand at The Nordalls;
28. Reverse into The Nordalls;
29. Back down Glebe Rd. East;
30. Right into Wash Lane;
31. Left into Beaconsfield Road;
32. Left into Chipperfield Road;
33. Right into Drury Close - turn at top;
34. Back towards Wash Lane;
35. Left onto Wash Lane;
36. Left into Church Road;
37. Right into Coopers Drive; 

Saturday 10th December –   Collections  Pubs/Restaurants – no Sleigh. 

Sunday 11th December –      Long Road Areas  

1. Start at top of Southwell Road
2. Right into Beaconsfield Road;
3. Right into Lovewell Road;
4. Left into Anchor St;
5. Left into Lorne Road;
6. Right into Beaconsfield Rd;
7. Left into John St;
8. Right into Bruce St onto Salisbury Rd;
9. Straight across to Lawson Rd;
10. Left into Lorne Park Rd;

11. Waveney Crescent;
12. Left into Waveney Drive;
13. Left into Kimberley Road;
14. Right into Durban Road onto Notley Rd;
15. Left into Kirkley Run;
16. Right into Edgerton Rd;
17. Right into Maple Rd;
18. Right into Hawthorn Ave;
19. Left into Ashfield Crescent;
20. Right into Hawthorn Avenue;
21. Left into Pinewood Ave which becomes Edgerton Road
22. Right into Beechwood Gardens;
23. Right into Britten Road;
24. Left into Pinewood Avenue;
25. Left into Homefield Avenue;
26. Left into Southfield Grdns;
27. Right into Eastwood Avenue;
28. Left then Right into Briarwood Road;
29. Right into Westwood Avenue;
30. Right into Greenfield Road;
31. Left into Homefield Avenue;
32. Left into Oakwood Road;
33. Right into Westwood Avenue;
34. Left into Broadwaters Road

Monday 12th December –   START   Carlton Colville Start Co-Op    5pm

1. Left into Ashburnham Way;
2. Right into Cowslip Cres;
3. Left into Ashburnham Way;
4. Right into Arundel Way;
5. Right into Kingswood Ave;
6. Left into Chislehurst Rd;
7. Right into Framfield Rd;
8. Left into Mayfield Rd;
9. Left into Uplands Close;
10. Right into Elmdale Drive;
11. Right into Ninfield Close - turn at end;
12. Right into Robertsbridge - turn at end - rejoin Ninfield;
13. Right into Elmdale;
14. Left at Appledore;
15. Left at Copper Beech;
16. Right at unmarked;
17. Return to Appledore;
18. Via Ashburnham Way Right into Long Meadow Way;
19. Left into Wheatfield (turn at end);
20. Park at end of Rye Close;
21. Left into Long Meadow Way;
22. Right into Seddlescombe Road (Turn at end);
23. Right into Long Meadow Way;
24. Left into Thistledown (turn at end);
25. Left into Long Meadow Way (stop door knocking at top);
26. Round right hand corner Left into Plovers Way;
27. Right into Rowan Way;
28. Left into Conrad Road;
29. Left into Chichester Drive - turn at end;
30. Left into Conrad Road;
31. Left into Burnt Hill Way;

Wednesday 14th December - Bloodmoor Estate Area  START  5pm 
1. Collect on Turnberry Way;
2. Wentworth Way;
3. Aldwyck Way;
4. Aspinall Close;
5. Velda Close;

6. Left into Deepdale;
7. Right into Colsterdale;
8. Left into Swallowfields;
9. Left into Long Beach Drive;
10. Right into Deepdale;
11. Right into Ranville;
12. Left into Wharfedale;
13. Right into Ribblesdale;
14. Left into Fortress Rd. - turn at Portsch Cl 

Thursday 15th December –   Pakefield Road areas    5pm 

1. Right into Pakefield Rd;

 2. Morton Road; 

3. All Saints Road; 

4. St George's Rd; 

5. Rochester Rd;

 6. Kendal Rd;

 7. Wilson Rd; 

8. Pakefield St;

 9. Florence Rd; 

10. Saxon Rd;

11. Sunningdale; 

12. Cunningham; 

13. Gunningdale; 

14. Florence Rd; 

15. Oddfellows Pub and St; 

16. Nightingale Rd; 

17. Grand Ave; 

18. London Road; 

19. Grayson Drive;

 20. Grayson Ave; 

21. Cliftonville Rd; 

22. Nightingale; Finish.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th – Santa and the sleigh at ASDA Lowestoft.    10.30- 4pm 

Please collect Postcards for MAF(WWW.MAF-UK.ORG)

Rotarian Annette Stringer is collecting Post Cards for an extremely worthy cause. MAF is an aviation charity operating more than 130 light aircraft in around 25 developing countries bringing doctors, medicines, food, aid workers, teachers and school supplies to the most remote communities. Please email Annette Stringer for more details.   eastpointrotary@gmail.comAnnette also collects  Ink toners, Old mobile phones, stamps for Charity

Join the 100 Club - For details go to


Join the 100 Club

Young Carers Project

The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point aim to help young carers in Lowestoft . We want to support these amazing young people. Volunteering in our community is extraordinary important to our Rotary Club. The project is underway. Rotarian Ian Davies is the lead on this project and supported by members of the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/LowestoftYoungCarers

The community-based Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a practical & hands- cooking programme that teaches people of all ages how to cook from scratch to improve health. Rotary International are starting to work with Jamie's Charity
The Strap line to the project is ‪#‎Keepcookingskillsalive‬ .
This is a Jamie Oliver Initiative and we are also working with The Rotary of Colchester Forum.

For any succesful project it needs dedication, teamwork and 'doers! So if you want to join the team - step forward Rotarians! Start date for project. Tuesday 27th September 2016 3.45pm to 5.15pm. Eight Children will be selected for a session and initially from Pakefield High School. Once the course has been concluded evaluation of the course can then move things forward to the next stage of the project. Contact Rotarian Ian Davies for more information eastpointrotary@gmail.com   

Service above Self

The Rotary motto is ‘Service above Self’ so it is not just about fundraising. There are various local projects in which our members are involved  -  such as Waveney Sailability ,  a sailing group for disabled people, and Kids Day Out for children from Warren School. A very successful project which has been running of a number of years is Dictionaries for Life.  Along with the other Lowestoft Clubs, we provide an illustrated dictionary for every year 3 child in the town, supporting the schools’  drive to improve literacy rates. Many Lowestoft residents probably know us best for our Santa Sleigh’s ride through the streets of Lowestoft to meet the town’s children and to raise money for our good causes.  (These are just a few examples of the good causes that the club supports.) 

Who becomes a Rotarian?

The club is a very active with a good mixture of  men and women  (23 men 9 females ) from a variety of professional and social backgrounds. Many have retired from work or find themselves in a position to put the skills  learned through their professional and working lives to work to the benefit of others. The main thing we look for in members is a commitment to help others as part of a community of like-minded people. Not just hard work!  To become a member  of our Club you need to be a person of good character who has a good reputation in their business or community and is willing to serve the community.  Rotary offers something for everyone. Rotary International is a diverse and flexible group of people who work in a variety of ways to support our communities. 

The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point   'Friends of Rotary' Scheme is planned to provide an opportunity for people who are not able, or may not wish to, join the Club as a Rotarian at the present time. These people may like to assist the local Community by getting involved in the Club's  activities, and may become a Member in the future.  Friends of Rotary are volunteers supporting the work of Rotarians in the community.

'A Friend of Rotary' will be invited to participate in Club activities  

     1)  invited to  selected meetings of the Club 

     2)  invited to  selected Social activities of the Club  

     3)  invited to assist  in Fund Raising activities and Service Projects organised by the Club for the benefit of  the local Community   

Cost of being a Member 

Membership £122 per annum  (2016)    plus a meal £10 and drink when attending meetings

There is no cost to be  'Friend of Rotary' .  Please email if you would like to become a Friend of Rotary

So what next ?  If you  are interested in membership or just being a Friend of Rotary we are very keen to welcome new members who feel they want to make a difference. So if you feel you might like to join us, or if would like more information, please contact our secretary, Martin Lott at   eastpointrotary@gmail.com

End Polio Rotary International Partnership 

with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  

We use BT MyDonate for Fundraising Activities. The Fees and Set up Fees are one of the lowest 


Please Double Click the BT MyDonate Logo 


We meet at the Hotel Victoria  http://www.thehotelvictoria.co.uk

email              info@thehotelvictoria.co.uk

Telephone   +44 (0) 1502 574433

If you have any articles please forward them to the PR Committee .   The website relies on members participating and providing good quality photography. Rotary is all about a team effort. 

Please feel free to make suggestions  and ideas to make the site more interesting .  We are unable to change the software but most of the content can be updated. 

Rotary Club Of Lowestoft East Point Charity Trust Fund 

Charity Registration No. 1073198  

Photos by Rotarian Alan O'Neill,  Rotarian David Collins

 and Rotarian Annette Stringer

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We meet on Tuesdays at 18:00 for 18:30 (We meet weekly at 6pm for 6.30pm. We always welcome visitors. Meeting with partners/friends start at 7pm (every 5th week) If you wish to visit the Club please email martin.lott1@btinternet.com Dress Code: Smart casual. A Warm Welcome Awaits!) Hotel Victoria,
Kirkley Cliff,

NR33 0BZ tel: 01502 574433

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