Santa Sleigh Fund Raising 2017 Countdown to: Lowestoft Santa Sleigh - Mon 4th Dec at 17.05

Santa , Rudolph and Elves take to the streets of Lowestoft - Routes to be disclosed

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PAUL TABINER 2017/2018 
(New Club Website under Construction late November 2017)

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point

We are a dual gender club with 35 members. (23 men  and 12 Women)   We meet at The Hotel Victoria in Lowestoft every Tuesdays at 6.00 pm for 6.30pm.     We welcome new members of all ages . So what is Rotary you may ask?  Find out more by watching this short clip

We are part of  District 1080 -    "Rotary in East Anglia" - Most of East Anglia, including Norfolk, Suffolk, and parts of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire. There are 73 Clubs in District 1080. Rotary International District 1080 comprises about 1929 men and women,  in 73 Rotary Clubs spanning the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, a large part of Cambridgeshire and a small part of Essex. We are very much a local club but we are part of a very large global organisation. Rotary is an international organisation with over 1.3 million members worldwide (July 2015) . We have over 30,000 clubs in more than 200 countries. With over 50,000 members in the UK alone. All Rotary Clubs are different but we are all a group of people wanting to do good work in the community by volunteering. Our Club is a Charity Registered Club. Charity Registration No. 1073198       District 180 news    april2017.pdf  may2017.pdf  1080Oct17

President Paul Tabiner   2017/2018 

We would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved or have a project you’d like our Club members to help with. If you are interested in finding out more or would like to attend a Meeting contact Secretary Martin Lott 

Service above Self

The Rotary motto is ‘Service above Self’ so it is not just about fundraising. There are various local projects in which our members are involved - such as Waveney Sailability , a sailing group for disabled people, and Kids Day Out for children from Warren School. A very successful project which has been running of a number of years is Dictionaries for Life. Along with the other Lowestoft Clubs, we provide an illustrated dictionary for every year 3 child in the town, supporting the schools’ drive to improve literacy rates. Many Lowestoft residents probably know us best for our Santa Sleigh’s ride through the streets of Lowestoft to meet the town’s children and to raise money for our good causes. (These are just a few examples of the good causes that the club supports.)

Who becomes a Rotarian?

The club is a very active with a good mixture of men and women (23 men 12 females ) from a variety of professional and social backgrounds. Many have retired from work or find themselves in a position to put the skills learned through their professional and working lives to work to the benefit of others. The main thing we look for in members is a commitment to help others as part of a community of like-minded people. Not just hard work! To become a member of our Club you need to be a person of good character who has a good reputation in their business or community and is willing to serve the community. Rotary offers something for everyone. Rotary International is a diverse and flexible group of people who work in a variety of ways to support our communities.

The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point 'Friends of Rotary' Scheme is planned to provide an opportunity for people who are not able, or may not wish to, join the Club as a Rotarian at the present time. These people may like to assist the local Community by getting involved in the Club's activities, and may become a Member in the future. Friends of Rotary are volunteers supporting the work of Rotarians in the community.   'A Friend of Rotary' will be invited to participate in Club activities 1) invited to selected meetings of the Club 2) invited to selected Social activities of the Club 3) invited to assist in Fund Raising activities and Service Projects organised by the Club for the benefit of the local Community

Cost of being a Member 

Membership £122 per annum (2017) plus a meal £10 and drink when attending meetings .  There is no cost to be

'Friend of Rotary' 

Please email if you would like to become a Friend of Rotary.  So what next ? If you are interested in membership or just being a Friend of Rotary we are very keen to welcome new members who feel they want to make a difference. So if you feel you might like to join us, or if would like more information, please contact our secretary, Martin Lott at    

Image by 

Evan Burrell - Rotarian

Donate Through our Bt MyDonate WebPage for Santa Sleigh Project

So we have added an easy way to donate to the Santa Sleigh Project. All money raised will go to the Rotary Charitable Trust Fund and then the donations will be distributed to Charities in the Community. You can donate on the night or by using the Donate tab or link

Santa Sleigh is about to arrive in Lowestoft 

The Routes are out now! Santa and Rudolph will hit the streets in Lowestoft from 4th December 2017 from 5.05 pm  
Don't forget to bring your letters for Santa. Santa has a postbox for anyone to post a letter to Santa which Santa will look at after each run. Santa can't guarantee to answer them all but he will definitely read them.


Left into Ashburnham Way

Right into Cowslip Crescent

Left into Ashburnham Way

Right into Arundel Way

Right into Kingswood Avenue

Left into Chislehurst Road

Right onto Framfield Road

Left into Mayfield Road

Left into Uplands Close

Right into Elmdale Drive

Right into Ninfield Close

Turn round at end

Right into Robertsbridge turn round at end

Rejoin Ninfield

Right into Elmdale

Left at Appledore

Left at Copper Beech

Right at unmarked

Return to Appledore

Left up Ashburnham Way (no door knocking)

Right into Long Meadow Way

Left into Wheatfield (turn at end)

Park at end of Rye Close

Left into Long Meadow Way

Right into Seddlescombe Road (turn at end)

Right into Long Meadow Way

Left into Thistledown (turn at end)

Left into Long Meadow Way (stop door knocking at top)

Round right hand corner,

Left into Plovers Way

Right into Rowan Way

Left into Conrad Road

Left into Chichester Drive (turn on conc. hard standing on left towards the top)

Left into Conrad Road

Left into Burnt Hill Way

Finish at top


Down Hall Road

Right into Broad Road

Right into Clarkson Road

Right into Rock Road

Left into Hall Road

Left into Moyes Road

Right into Clarkson Road

Through into Gilpin Road

Left into Hall Road

Left into Chestnut Avenue

Left into Grange Road

Left into Sands Lane

Left into Longfield Way

Through into Herons Close

Right into Edendale

Right into Sands Lane

Left into Cheviots Road

Left into Grampion Way to End & Retrace

Left into Sands Lane

Left into Cambrian Crescent to End & Retrace  
Left into Sands Lane

Left into Mendip Road

Reverse into Brendon Close & Retrace

Right into Sands Lane Return to Start via Chestnut


Suggest one car full of collectors is taken and parked near junction of London Rd Sth and Lorne Park Road

Start at top of Southwell Road

Right into Beaconsfield Road  
Right into Lovewell Road

Left into Anchor Street

Left into Lorne Road

Right into Beaconsfield Road

Left into John Street

Right into Bruce Street onto Salisbury Road

Straight across to Lawson Road

Left into Lorne Park Road

Fill towing car and spare car  
and take collectors to entrance  
Waveney Crescent

Left into Waveney Crescent

Left into Waveney Drive

Left into Kimberley Road

Right into Durban Road onto Notley Road

Left into Kirkley Run

Right into Edgerton Road

Right into Maple Road

Right into Hawthorn Avenue

Left into Ashfield Crescent

Right into Hawthorn Avenue 
Left into Pinewood Avenue which becomes Egerton Road 
Right into Beechwood Gardens 
Right into Britten Road 
Left into Pinewood Avenue 
Left into Homefield Avenue 
Left into Southfield Gardens 
Right into Eastwood Avenue 
Left then right into Briarwood Road 
Right into Westwood Avenue 
Right into Greenfield Road 
Left into Homefield Avenue 
Left into Oakwood Road 
Right into Westwood Avenue 
Left into Broadwaters Road 


Leave Pub, turn left into Hollingsworth Road

Right into Europa Road

Right into Harris Avenue

Right into Minos Road

Left into Mylodon Road

Left into Hollingsworth Road

Right into Montgomery Avenue

Right into Normandy Road

Left into Spashett Road

Right into Westhall Road

Right into Wisset Way

Left into Rumburgh Road

Right into Spexhall Way, Turn at bottom and retrace

Right into Rumburgh Road

Left into Weston Road

Right into Blyford Road

At Reyden Mews Turn round and retrace

Right into Weston Road

Left into Westhall Road

Right into Spashett Road

Left into El Alamein Road

Left into Tedder Road

Right into Mountbatten Road  

Fill tow car with collectors and go  
Left into Montgomery Avenue 
Right into Hollingsworth Road 
Left into Ashley Downs  

Right into Somerton Avenue

Right into Mount Pleasant



Collect on Turnberry Wy

Wentworth Wy

Aldwyck Wy

Aspinall Cl

Velda Cl

Collectors and sleigh go to Bloodmoor Rdbt

Left into Ribblesdale off Bloodmoor rdbt

Left into Deepdale

PLEASE take your time stopping at  
all junctions with cul-de-sacs to allow  
collectors to knock on doors down  
each cul-de-sac

Right into Colsterdale

Left into Swallowfields

Left into Long Beach Drive

Right into Deepdale

Right into Ranville

Left into Wharfedale

Right into Ribblesdale

Left into Fortress Rd

Turn at Portsch Cl



Trafalgar Street

Left into Harvey Street

Right into Steven’s Street

Right into Norwich Road

Right into Clemence Street

Left into Harvey Street

Left into Selby Street

Right into Maidstone Road

Left into Trafalgar Street

Left into Norwich Road

Right into Avondale Road

Right into Sandringham Road

Left into Beckham Road

Left into Stanford Street

Right into Ethel Road

Contact Caterers to get to  
Love Rd 
Right into Haward Street

Left into Norwich Road

Continue onto Stanley Street

Left into Wollaston Road

Left into Love Road

Right into Yeovil Road

Right into St. Peters Street

Left into Winnipeg Road 
Right into Church Road

Left into Ipswich Road

Right into St Margarets Road

Left into Sussex Road

Right into Yarmouth Road

Right into Royal Avenue

Right into St Margarets Road

Left into Queens Road to bottom

Right then right into Cambridge Road

Left then left into Oxford Road

Right into Church Road

Left into Burton Street

Right into St Peters Street

Left into Beresford Road

Left into Love Road

Right into Raglan Street




(Suggest one car is taken and left at sea end of Grand Avenue to bring collectors back to start) 
Right into Pakefield Rd  
Left into Morton Rd  
Left into All Saints Rd  
Left into St George's Rd  
Stop near turn  
Left into Rochester Rd.  
Right into Kendal Rd.  
Right into Wilson Rd 
Right into Pakefield St 
At bottom of Pakefield St go 
past Tramways,  
Left into Florence Rd, 
Left into Saxon Rd  
Left into Sunningdale 
Turn at end of Cunningham Ave 
Allow collectors time to do Cunningham  
and Gunningdale 
Back down Saxon Rd 
Left into Florence Rd 
Park at end to do Oddfellows Pub and Street. 
Alternatively reverse to front of Oddfellows 
Onto Nightingale Rd 
Right into Grand Avenue 
Left into London Road 
Left into Grayson Drive 
Right into Cliftonville Road 
Left into Nightingale Road 

FINISH AT JUNCTION WITH GRAND AVENUE   To Donate to this Fundraising event 

EasyFunding- Raising money the easy way - Try this for Christmas! 

 It is just so easy and we need more supporters . So far we have raised £1,220.74 . Just with a little reminder you too can make a difference when you are buying something online. Please don't forget EasyFunding . Its FREE and so easy to do. You don't pay anymore and you will be helping someone. 

Top Supporters
  1 Claire Guppy £572.97  
  2 Richard Fox £182.68  
  3 Lee Martin £96.80  
  4 Sarah James £80.77  
  5 Steve James £68.71 

Young Carers Project  2nd November 2017

This is our fourth session was completed this evening and it was very successful. Jimmy Grant visited us from the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in London. Eight young carers attended and the standard was very high. Beef stir fry with egg fried rice.

Thanks go to Nanna Lay and Bev Sampson as always, but also to Hazel Johnson and Sue Tabiner who were “sous chefs”. Thanks also to Morrison’s for their generous support.

Rotary International Presidential Citation 2017/18

President Paul Tabiner would like us to embrace this year's Rotary Theme of “Making a Difference”. With this in mind and because we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary at the end of this coming year, I would like us to commit to going for a Rotary International Presidential Citation.

These Citations have been around for a few years and I think it would be a fitting part of our 20th celebrations if we were to be awarded such recognition. To achieve a citation we will have to achieve a range of goals which cover strengthening the Club, humanitarian service and public image and awareness. So far the Club is performing well in achieving the goals.

Well Done Rotarian Annette Stringer

Rotarian Annette Stringer from the Rotary Club of Lowestoft submitted two photos for a local photographic competition. As a result two of Annette's photographs were chosen for the Lowestoft calendar. If you would like a copy of the Lowestoft calendar they are £5 each. To date, Annette has sold 52 calendars, which is great. There is still more calendars for sale .

The money raised to date £110 will be donated to the Rotary Charitable trust and a charity will benefit from Annette's achievements. Well Done Rotarian Annette Stringer

Crucial Crew Three Lowestoft Club event 

This year runs from the 14th November through to 24th November (excluding weekends) starting at 09:30 through to 15:00hrs. The sessions are held at Lowestoft Community Church 8 Hadenham Road South Lowestoft Industrial Estate
Lowestoft NR337NF. Rotarian Phil Meaden leading from our Club

Join the 100 Club  Club Lead Ian Davies 

You are invited to join the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point 100 Club.
This is the longest running fund fundraiser within the Club. Monies raised will be added to our Charity Trust Fund for allocation by our Club.
You can join in units of £10, and entry is open to all Rotarians, families and friends over the age of 16. (This is to confirm with our registration under the Gambling Act). Each unit of £10 is ten numbers in the draw.
When you have decided to join Decide on how many units of £10 you wish to take up.
If you want to, complete the 100 Club Standing Order request form and forward to your bank. Ensure Club contact is informed. Rotary contact is: 
Or you can pay in cash or by cheque (Lowestoft East Point Rotary Club 100 Club) to Ian at any Club meeting. 
Entry is £10 or multiples of £10. Top draw prize is £50! Club lead on this project is Rotarian Ian Davies
The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point 100 - Club fund has now reached £350 which means that £175 will be available for the draw presentation at the Club Christmas Dinner on the 19th December 2017 and £175 available to our Charity Trust Fund.
You still have the opportunity to join in as I will not close the draw until the week before the dinner.
If you don’t know what this is all about, come and talk to Rotarian Ian Davies 

Christmas Carol Service   5th December 2017  7pm 

Carol Concert – Alan Zipfel leading. Tickets £6 includes refreshments. Donation for wine of £3. Everyone welcome to join the festive occasion

Christmas Party 19 th December – Rotarians and friends of Rotary Welcome to join members  of Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point. We would encourage visiting Rotarians and their partners to join us.  - Contact Tony Kemp or Lee Pullum  

District 1080 Conference October 2017

District Governor, Rotarian Robert Lovick, welcoming all the delegates to the District 1080 Conference.
The Showcase included Lowestoft East Point’s stands giving information about Dictionaries for Life (D4L) which is supported by the three Rotary Clubs in Lowestoft,  and  the Jamie Oliver’s Cookery Course for Young Carers run by Rotarian Nanna Lay and Rotarian Bev Sampson.  Lowestoft East Point Showcase some of the Club's projects.

Photo District Governor, Rotarian Robert Lovick. Rotarian Nanna Lay addressed the District 1080 Rotary Conference this weekend to talk about the Jamie Oliver Course run in conjunction with the Suffolk Young carers. Rotarian Beverley Sampson - ably assisted by the Latter’s grandsons! – This demonstrates an example of the type of cooking they taught young carers last year on a Jamie Oliver Course. The Lowestoft East Point Club members engage in assisting Nanna and Bev with this amazing project.

Norfolk Paralympic tennis ace, Alfie Hewett from Norwich was presented with a specially adapted sports wheelchair through Rotary’s “Wheelie Good Idea” project in 2012. This launched him on his spectacular tennis career in Singles and Doubles, made him an International Tennis Star and Britain’s No.1 in the sport.

Rotarian Les Davies - Ron Sampson Annual Charity Cycle Ride 

On Sunday 24th September Les Davies was  persuaded to get back on his bike and take part in the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point's Annual Charity Cycle far Les has raosed over £1105
Now the bike hasn't been out of the garage since last year but Les  managed the  20 miles even after attending a 60th birthday party the night before.
If you feel that you can support Les Davies  with some sponsorship, he has set up a My Donate page at the following address - . You may need to copy and paste the link into your browser to access the right page. 
As in previous years Barclays will match £ for £ what Les  manages to raise and all monies will go into the Rotary Club's Charitable Trust Fund for distribution to local, national and international good causes.  So far Les Davies has raised over £1,075.00 and he would like to improve on that figure with a little help from others.
You will probably get many requests of this nature so please do not feel obliged to sponsor Les,  but any contributions will be gratefully received and doubled up!  

The Annual Ron Sampson Charity Cycle Ride  2017 

Sincere thanks to Steve James and Jon Doran for organising everything. Thanks to all those members and partners who marshalled, registered, catered or helped in any way at all. They are Lee Pullum, Nanna Lay ,Hazel Johnson , Annette Stringer, Claire Guppy ,John Tremaine ,Ian Davies ,Phil Meaden , Richard Fox, Paul Tabiner ,Martin Lott , Tony Kemp ,Richard Hodgson , Clive Robinson and Yvonne Robinson, Andy Deal . Bev Sampson, Les Davies , Tonia Baker, Sarah James and Andrea Pullum cycled the route. Huge thanks also to the cyclists who seemed to really enjoy their outing in the country

Great British Beach Clean 18th September 2017 

The Club will be supporting the Marine Conservation Society. Lowestoft East Point Club members joined with the Marine Conservation Society (Charity #1004005) to assist with their Beachwatch event on the Lowestoft South beach this morning. Eight members volunteered for the project and spent the best part of two hours assisting with this national survey. We didn’t find anything more exciting than a half house brick and a small plastic giraffe.

The beach is in fact very clean. Photos by Annette Stringer 
Thanks to Tony Kemp, Paul Tabiner, Paul Wilkinson, Annette Stringer, Claire Guppy, Sally Green, and Andy Deal,  and Ian Davies

The Young Carers Stage 2 cooking got underway at Ormiston Denes Academy

We were amazed at the chili and chive scrambled eggs produced by one of the Young Carers.Nanna Lay , Bev Sampson, Hazel Johnson, Paul Wilkinson, and Sheila Davies  .Lesson one “Eggs” at Ormiston Denes. We were amazed at the chili and chive scrambled eggs produced by one of the Young Carers. Lead on this project is Ian Davies 

Dictionaries For Life Project D4L- Three Lowestoft Club Initiative 

 - A few photos from the project so far . Waveney MP, Peter Aldous, Rtn. Andy Deal from Lowestoft East Point Rotary Club and Rtn. John Beavor, a member of the Lowestoft Club, presented dictionaries to 60 Yr. 3 children at Carlton Colville Primary School. It’s Rotary’s aim to support schools in improving literacy levels and these excellent books were very well received by the pupils who couldn’t wait to start reading them!   Photos by Annette Stringer  


RYLA Presentation September 2017

Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point welcomed a number of guests to the weekly meeting. Three young people, Kimberley Lester-Clements, James Gerrish and Callum Newson, had taken part in a week’s RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) course at Graffam Water Centre earlier this month.Kimberley and James had been sponsored by the Club and were presented with their certificates by President, Rtn. Paul Tabiner. Callum’s week had been funded by Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, who presented him with his certificate.

All the students said that they had greatly enjoyed and benefitted from their experiences and would be encouraging their friends to take part next year. 

Rtn. Ian Davies had primarily been responsible for organising RYLA for the Club this year whilst Rtn. Robin Wraight(“Mr. RYLA”!)is responsible for the whole project in District 1080.The group photograph shows from left to right – Ian Davies , Paul Tabiner , Callum, Tim, Kimberley, James and Robin Wright  . Photos by Annette Stringer

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 Meeting at the Hotel Vivtoria Lowestoft 

Dr. Karen Hester JP visited the Rotary Club Lowestoft East Point and talked about her life and work. It was entitled “From Mop to Top” . Karen's talk was interesting, amusing and truly inspirational. 
Following a career in the Army, Karen joined Adnams as a part-time cleaner. Gradually she rose through the ranks of Adnams to become Operations Director in 2007 and in 2015 became a member of Adnams board. Karen is a magistrate, was made East of England Business Woman of the Year in 2008 and has a number of other awards to her name. She’s in the process of writing her autobiography. Her talk prompted a number of questions from the assembled audience of about 50 Rotarians from East Point and other local Clubs, their partners and guests who were fascinated by what she had to say. The President, Paul Tabiner, presented Karen with a cheque for £100 to go to the Adnams Community Trust which supports various charities and worthy causes in the Southwold area. Photos by Annette Stringer

Handover June 30th June -   Welcome President Paul Tabiner 

The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point enjoyed their annual handover meetingon Friday 30 th June at The Hotel Victoria.Incoming President, Paul Tabiner, had arranged an evening with a Lancashire

 in homage to his county of birth.
Traditional Lancashire fayre was on the menu along with entertainment
reflecting the wit of the North West.Pictured is outgoing President Paul Wilkinson ( left) presenting the Chain of
Office to Paul Tabiner.
The members of the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point were also joined by
representatives of the Rotary Clubs of Beccles, Lowestoft, Rotary E Club and
Gorleston including the District Governor Elect, Robert Lovick . It was an evening to remember for Robert’s wife, Roberta Lovick who was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship.
This prestigious award, established in 1957 is presented to Rotarians and others
in recognition of outstanding service to their community.
and her team were instrumental in raising £1.5m to build the Louise
Hamilton Centre for Palliative Care located in the grounds of the James Paget
Hospital, which opened in 2013.The Centre is named after Roberta’s daughter who died of cancer in 1998 aged
just 28 years old, two years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
Roberta continues to campaign for better support for family and friends in end of
life care and is richly deserving of this accolade.Roberta Lovick is pictured receiving the award from outgoing President Paul Wilkinson.
The evening concluded with dancing to the sound of Leon  . Past President Paul Wilkinson has had an outstanding year and is with doubt a hard 'act' to folow.

District Award 2017 -Citation

At the District 1080 Council Meeting held on 30 th March 2016 it was agreed to award a prize of £1000 to the club that achieves the most goals set out in John Germ’s Presidential Citation. To be eligible for entry, the goals must be recorded in Rotary Club Central and shown as complete by 30 th May 2017. The goals must include achievements in the following categories, and the total number of goals must be 7 or greater. Membership Attraction and Engagement: 1 goal Foundation Giving: 1 goal Online Tool Adoption: 1 goal Humanitarian Service: 1 goal New Generations: No minimum requirement Public Image: 1 goal Entries must be sent to the District Governor 2016-17 by 1 June 2017. In the event of a tie, the money will be split.


Incoming President Paul Tabiner's  message to Club Members for 2017/18 

Paul Tabiner wants the members to embrace this year's Rotary Theme of “Making a Difference”. With this in mind and because the Club will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary at the end of this coming year, Paul Tabiner would like Members to commit to going for a Rotary International Presidential Citation

Link :   Citation.javascript:void(1495188341256);

These Citations have been around for a few years and Paul thinks it would be a fitting part of our 20th celebrations if The Club were to be awarded such recognition. To achieve a citation the Club will have to achieve a range of goals which cover strengthening the Club, humanitarian service and public image and awareness. 

Paul reminds us that goals are always daunting then from the long list the Club will have to choose from, these are the ones Paul Tabiner is thinking of setting the Club Members:

  • Paying our July 2017 and January 2018 Club invoices on time.
  • Reporting all our volunteer hours and service project contributions in Rotary Club Central ( a new worldwide database to record our service, achievements and funds raised).
  • Further develop our Club Development Plan.
  • Achieve a net gain in membership.
  • Achieve a net gain in female members.
  • Engage members in activities outside regular Club Meetings.
  • Sponsor or have Club members participate in a polio related fund raising or awareness event.
  • Partner with The Rotary Foundation by sponsoring at least one project funded by a global or district grant.
  • Carry out at least one project focused on the environment.
  • Collaborate with other Rotary Clubs to increase a project's scope and visibility.
  • Use Rotary's brand guidelines, templates and other resources in all your communications to strengthen Rotary's image.
  • Regularly update our Club's website and social media accounts.
  • Have local media cover a Club project, event or fund raiser.
  • Promote peace and develop future leaders by sponsoring at least one participant in a RYLA event.

These have been discussed by Shadow Council, because they will involve all our Committees, and we are committed to taking on the challenge of achieving a Presidential Citation. It will be a challenge but one we think our Club is more than capable of.

So Paul Tabiner hopes that the Members  are all looking forward to another great year for our Club and I invite every member to join me and the Shadow Council in making it a memorable year at the end of which we not only celebrate our 20th Anniversary, but we celebrate the Award of a Presidential Citation and, most importantly    …........... THAT WE MADE A DIFFERENCE.

RI states  'Clubs that are strong and making a positive difference in our communities achieve goals related to Rotary’s three strategic priorities: to support and strengthen clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service, and enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness.'

District 1080 - Incoming District Govenor 2017/18 Robert Lovick is keen to Enhance Rotary's Public Image and Awareness ... Utilise Rotary Club Central. • Encourage Activities. It will be the intentions of the Club to follow this lead from Robert Lovick. The message is that we can make a difference and the key  theme is Homelessness and Loneliness

We have a Linkedin Group page , Google + ,  Twitter Page for each Facebook Page, Facebook Lowestoft Santa Sleigh, Facebook Lowestoft Cycle Ride,  Facebook Young Careers , Facebook Group Young Carers Pages  and Pinterest -  Lowestoft East Point Rotary . Our Club is a  member of the The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and our news is always reported to the businesses of Suffolk including Events.   Our BT My Donate Charity Page and the EasyFunding WebPage are just a snap of the webmasters role  for the club . The members of Lowestoft East Point  want to tell our Rotary Story  and encourage the public to engage with our news.

Message from the Rotary International President Elect 2017/18 - Making a Difference

In 2017-18, we’ll answer the question “What is Rotary?” with RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.”

Rotary International has been working with its partner ShelterBox to provide relief to flood victims in Peru, just to name one disaster area that has been supported by Rotary International  

Young Carers Project -  Dates and Venue for Ormiston Denes School Lowestoft -  Lead Ian Davies

Dates :   28/9; 5/10; 12/10; 19/10; 2/11; 9/11; 16/11; 23/11 (all 2017)

Scheme was initiated by the Rotary Club of Colchester Forum . Our Club thought it was a terrific project so now The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point is on board .

Volunteers (Club Members)  will be required to assist Nanna Lay and Bev Sampson deliver the Course to Young Carers. Nanna and Bev undertook a week course to learn about Jamie's Method and beliefs paid for by Rotary. Its is the intention that Nanna and Bev can train further Rotarians to help deliver the course over time.

Club Bottle Draw   Lead Annette Stringer

Members donate a bottle to celebrate their birthdays and a raffle ticket is purchsed by fellow members or guests. All funds raised go to the Club Charity Trust Fund  to be used for Community projects or Charities. 

New Members 2017

The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point continues to increase its membership with the induction of 2 new members , Steve Fordham & Tonia Baker. Both known to a number of Rotarians. Well Done Steve James for introducing Steve and Tonia to the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point . Photos by Annette Stringer

Young Writers  Competition 2017 -    Lead Annette Stringer

Over 60 entries for the Lowestoft Schools.  The chosen entries have now been sent to District thank you to Paul Wilkinson, Annette Stringer and Alan Zipfell 

Some people wonder what we do with the money in our charitable trust

£17748 was raised by Club members in 2015/2016 . £3332 Donated to Dictionaries4Life, £1500 To Rotary Foundation, £100 to R.EM.I.T.  ,  £756  Young Carers Project , £200 to Cumbria Flood Disaster Fund , £350 to Romania Childrens Fund,  £250 Crucial Crew Project , £241 To Pakefield Childrens Home,  £476 to Kids Day Out (Warren School) , £538 to Norfolk SERV,  £245 St Johns Ambulance, £168 Flagship Young Peoples Service, £1200 R.Y.L.A  and £200 other minor grants

D4L – (Dictionaries for Life ) -    Lead Paul Tabiner   (Three Lowestoft Clubs Initiative)
The Three Lowestoft Rotary Clubs join together to ensure that this project has outstanding results -Dates for your diary - dictionaries will be delivered to schools on Tuesday 12th September. Presentations on Monday and Tuesday 25th and 26th September. More details nearer the time. Paul Tabiner is the lead for our Club District Annual Conference 2017. The Three Clubs raised £5355 for the Project.

PURPLE 4 POLIO  2017 -   End Polio Campaign  Lead Rotarian Ian Davies

During the first week of November 2016, 30000 crocus corms were planted on a site within Kensington Gardens, Kirkley Cliff Road, Lowestoft. All 30000 corms are PURPLE.The project was launched by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and is being supported by Rotary Clubs of Lowestoft.Rotary Clubs throughout the world are helping to rid the world of POLIO by supporting the nationwide project Purple4Polio. Rotary are trying to encourage everyone to join together in the final push to eradicate polio worldwide. To make a polio free world a reality, Rotary, who started the campaign to eradicate polio more than 30 years ago and has spearheaded this major health initiative ever since, is determined to raise awareness and funds to finish the job. The Rotary Clubs of Lowestoft have teamed up with Waveney Norse, Lowestoft in Bloom, and other local community groups to transform public spaces and brighten up the local community by planting PURPLE crocus corms across the town. The colour PURPLE has been chosen as it represents the colour of the dye which is placed on the little finger of a child on mass immunisation days when literally millions of children in entire countries are protected against the disease.The campaign ties in with the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s own and only charity. More information visit and see the Purple4Polio information   Photos by Rotarian Ian Davies

Lend with Care Project - Lead Les Davies

Why Lowestoft East Point Rotary Club lends

In the spirit of Rotary International we aim to help those less fortunate than ourselves and by helping this cause we are giving these people a chance to help themselves improve their circumstances with dignity. So far we have lent 57 loans to the Entrepreneurs since December 2012

Waveney Sailability-    Report from Rotarian Sally Green PHF 2017

Around 100 people attended the Waveney Sailability Party celebrating the end of another very successful year. With the weather on our side, we sailed almost every Tuesday between April and October with nearly 1000 sails. Forty badges were awarded at the party, ranging from Entry to Platinum level which challenge members to learn new skills and become independent sailors. Racing takes place every week and 11 sailors have achieved the Platinum award which involves learning racing and collision rules and this enables them to race against able-bodied sailors during Oulton Week. Trophies were also awarded for a variety of achievements including most improved sailor and, of course, the ; Wooden Spoon; awarded to the mostnotorious sailor! With a new season on the horizon, plans are being made and boats are being prepared keeping the Directors and Committees busy during the winter months. Chance conversations with members make it clear that we are all looking forward to getting back onto the water in April. We always welcome support and visitors - please pay us a visit in 2017. For more information, visit our website . Huge appreciation for Rotarian Chris Addison and Rotarian Sally Green PHF for their stoic work and dedication to Sailability 

The Lowestoft Santa Sleigh 2016  (Lead Paul Tabiner and Lee Pullum)

has been incredibly rewarding and raised in excess of £5920 from the generous donations of the Lowestoft residents. With Gift Aid a further £1250 has been added to the fundraising. All the money raised from the fundraising will go to charities in the community. Santa Sleigh and his helpers are all voluntary folk, who try and cover as many streets as possible each night. Traffic and weather determine how many streets Santa visits. We are not able to give definite times for the same reason . The local council licence determines the time we are able to be out on the street. Please share this wonderful news with all the people of Lowestoft , our Rotarian members and Friends. A tremendous effort from everyone and should send us all into the Festive period in good cheer. I wish all the public, members, partners and friends a great Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2017. The Lowestoft Santa Sleigh has raised in excess of £6500 in 2016, thanks to the generosity of the pubic , which will be boosted by Gift Aid. All the Money raised will be donated to Charities in the Community. President Paul Wilkinson The Rotary Club of Lowestoft East Point Thank you Lowestoft College for your generous Donation towards the Lowestoft Santa Sleigh

MAF(WWW.MAF-UK.ORG)   (Lead Annette Springer)

Rotarian Annette Stringer is collecting Post Cards for an extremely worthy cause.

MAF is an aviation charity operating more than 130 light aircraft in around 25 developing countries bringing doctors, medicines, food, aid workers, teachers and school supplies to the most remote communities. Please email Annette Stringer for more details. Annette also collects Ink toners, Old mobile phones, stamps for

District 1080 Rotary Conference 

For more details please contact:

The District Governor Elect – Robert Lovick  01692 670076 or by email
Conference Director – Diane Harber   01692 630746   or by email


International Partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

BT MyDonate -  Lead Claire Guppy

We use BT MyDonate for Fundraising Activities. The Fees and Set up Fees are one of the lowest

We meet at the Hotel Victoria  Lowestoft email Telephone +44 (0) 1502 574433.  

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Photos by Rotarian Annette Stringer, Rotarian Claire Guppy , Rotarian Ian Davies , Rotarian Paul Wilkinson, Rotarian Alan O'Neill, David Collins 

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Tuesday 28th November 18.00

Santa Sleigh Briefing - Open Meeting to discuss this major Project

Santa Sleigh

Lowestoft Santa Sleigh

Monday 4th December 17.05

Lowestoft Santa Sleigh

Santa , Rudolph and Elves take to the streets of Lowestoft - Routes to be disclosed

Tuesday 5th December 19.00

Carol Concert at St Marks Church Oulton Broad

Led by Rotarian Alan Zipfel and assisted by Lee Pullum and the fellowship team

Tuesday 19th December 19.00

Christmas Party

Christmas Party for Rotarians, Partners, Friends and Colleagues

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