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Above: Water Station at the Helmsley 10k run



TAKE ACTION and give something back to your local community

Helmsley & District Rotary Club is looking for men and women who can volunteer help to achieve targets of helping deserving causes in the local communities of Helmsley, Kirkbymoorside and surrounding villages and projects internationally. Ask for a leaflet about Rotary International. Telephone 07718 532009 or email rotary@gillamoor.com


This month's quiz winner was Christine with 10 correct answers. How many can you get?

Helmsley & District Rotary Club Quiz No.7

1.             What term is given to a wine waiter in a restaurant?          

2.            Six places in Wales have city status. Which comes first, alphabetically?

3.            Yorkshire Diamonds are a team in which sport?

4.            Which is the most northerly city in the UK?   

5.            Which university was the third to be officially recognised in England?      

6.            In the Royal Navy which rank is immediately junior to captain?                  

7.            According to the advert what should you do to put the freshness back?            

8.            Until 1810 in which building was the Royal Mint located?

9.            In the Arabian Nights who used the words “Open Sesame”?                      

10.            Which playwright wrote “A Dolls House” and “Hedda Gabler” ?          

11.            Which country has the most Michelin starred restaurants?          

12.            Porcini is a wild edible type of which foodstuff?                      

13.            In the games of boules, for which purpose is a baguette used?          

14.            In Greek mythology of what was Helios the god?                

15.            The common name of a river flowing through Rostov, Sheffield, and             Aberdeen                                                                                              

ANSWERS: http://www.rotary-ribi.org/adminsection/clubadmin/a-pages_Insert.php?pt=5&mo=0&under=mp

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Rotary Young Citizen Awards

Watch coverage of the 2017 'Rotary Young Citizen Awards', highlighting outstanding young people.

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How Rotary is Funding Polio Immunization in 2017

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Church House
7 High Marketplace
We meet on Mondays at 1830
(Third Monday in the month is an outside visit. Please ring for details 07718532009)
Church House
7 High Marketplace
YO62 6AT