Sleigh runs - Christmas Collection

Mon 12th December 2016 at 18.00 - Mon 19th December 2016 - 18.00

Christmas collections in Wembury (12th) Plymstock (13th, 14th, 16th), and Yealmpton (19th)


Friday 18th.  November:
Plymstock  Broadway  Christmas  Lights  Event  1.00pm  onwards.

Saturday 19th. November:
Plymstock  Broadway  Christmas  Event  10.00am    4.00pm,  with  Father  Christmas.

Monday 12th. December:
Wembury  Father  Christmas’s  Sleigh  Run  6.00    8.00pm.
Mewstone  Avenue,  Barton  Close,  Ryeland  Close,  Ledford  Close,  Hawthorne  Drive,
Veasy  Park,  Hawthorn  Drive,  Hawthorne  Park  Road,  Southland  Park  Road.

Tuesday 13th. December:
Goosewell  Father  Christmas’s  Sleigh  Run  6.00   8.00pm.
Long  Park  Close,  Goosewella  Gardens,  Rosewood  Close,  Greenhill  Close,  Foxwood
Gardens,  Challgood  Rise,  Challgood  Close,  Stokingway  Close,  Copthorne  Gardens,
Holcombe  Drive,  Budsleigh  Close  and  Marlow  Gardens

Wednesday 14th. December:
Holmwood  Avenue  Father  Christmas’s  Sleigh  Run  5.00    7.00pm.
Holmwood  Avenue,  Hurst  Road,  Hurst  Close,  Arnison  Close,  Southgate  Avenue  and
associated  roads,  return  to  Holmwood  Avenue  and  complete.

Friday 16th. December:
Redicliffe  Father  Christmas’s  Sleigh  Run  5.00    7.00pm.
Broom  Park,  Westcombe  Drive,  Redicliffe  Road,  Rowland  Close,  Barnwood  Close
and  then  on  to  White  Ladies  Road.

Monday 19th. December:
Yealmpton  Father  Christmas’s  Sleigh  Run  6.00    8.00pm.

Wednesday 21st. December:
Collection  at  Morrisons  9.00am    7.00pm.  Father  Christmas  will  be  there  in  the

Thursday 22nd. December:
Collection  at  Morrisons  9.00am    7.00pm.  Father  Christmas  will  be  there  in  the Afternoon.

Friday 23rd. December;

Collection  at  Morrisons  9.00am    7.00pm.  Father  Christmas  will  be  there  in  the Afternoon.

(ALL fields required)