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The Rotary Club of Bideford is one of the larger lunch-time clubs in Devon, with fifty members ranging in age from 30's to 80's with most in between. 

We meet weekly for lunch at 1pm at the Royal Hotel, have guest speakers (only interesting ones), talk about business, life, sport, and at least once a month we get out one evening and do something different.

We are always keen to recruit new men and women who are interested in meeting us, making friends, and putting something back into our community in Bideford.

We are currently looking for new members in Information Technology, manufacturing, industry, medicine, construction, education or the care industry amongst others.

Come and meet lawyers, retailers, safety and security professionals, accountants galore, in banking, veterinary surgeons, an osteopath and from many other walks of life.

Come and join us. Please contact Henry Hartley our Membership chief - he may buy you lunch!

- use the contact form and we will arrange to meet!