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First Aid Training in Schools and Polio Plus - Thanks for ife

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We aim to work with many of the Junior Schools in our rural area.

First Aid Training

For a number of years we have helped support local schools in the Brampton and Longtown area by giving young students the opportunity to have some First Aid training whilst in Junior School. First Aid instruction is paid for by our Rotary Club. Each school receives two hours training for some 20 to 30 pupils aged 9 to 11 at a cost of £70 per session.

The photographs show children from Castle Carrock Primary School receiving instruction from Eric Coupland.

The children are being instructed on how to resuscitate a patient as well as placing them into the recovery position. Another excellent project funded by the Brampton and Longtown Rotary Club.'
Polio Plus - Thanks for Life
During 2010 and again in 2011, we have obtained the help of youngsters in our local schools to raise the profile of Rotary's plan to eradicate polio throughout the world. In Autumn 2010, children attending schools in the Brampton and Longtown area planted thousands of purple crocus bulbs to remind them how children in those countries where polio is still present, are identified as having been vacinated against the disease. (By dying a little finger purple after vacination). This process was replicated by other Rotary Clubs throughout Great Britain.
To increase our local children's awareness of the effects of polio and the action to try to eradicate this, follow up talks were given to schools, which were very well received.
Our thanks to the schools for their participation in this worthwhile project.