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International. Shelterboxes are an important example of rotary help to world crisis. Birstall Luddites sponsor two students in India with their schooling.

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Birstall Luddites are sponsoring two Indian students.

International Chairman Rotarian John Logan has an update from the International Children's Trust which place the students.
(Big thanks to John Logan for his long standing work with ICT in India)

 A now living in the
Barbara Kelly Home which is in
partnership with the
Inner Wheel Club of Madras.India.
 P Rakesh joined the Boys Town Sponsorship scheme in GUMMIDIPOONDI
Tamil South India.
which is supported by the
Madras Rotary Club.

A Mohanapriya.
P Rakesh
Mohanapriya's family are supported by her fathers income working as a carpenter but this can be irregular and is not sufficient to maintain the family and support the
education of the children.

Mohanapirya is now living at the Barbara Kelley Home and is studying in the 8th standard.
She enjoys Tamil, English and gardening
and enjoys playing shuttle and skipping with the girls at the home.

By sponsoring Mohanapirya we contribute to the necessary funding which enables the Barbara Kelly Home to continue providing a safe, structured and supportive environment to encourage her as she
continues with her studies. In addition to attending school she will be given access to develop talents in sport, arts and crafts, singing and dancing - all helping to build confidence and help to enjoy school and gain qualifications to develop a better future. The girls are encouraged to help maintain the kitchen gardens at the home and prepare the produce ready for eating. The girls celebrate many festivals and special holidays at the Home.
Rakesh comes from a very poor family, who live in a small hut in Amarampedu, near to the Boys Town. His parents work as agricultural labourers but their daily wages are very low and their work is seasonal (around four months of the year continuously) so they must find alternative work for the rest of the year.

Rakesh joined the Boys Town sponsorship scheme in 2013 and has settled in well, has made new friends and is helping to welcome new students in the home this year. He has made good progress in his education so far this year The Boys Town will continue to provide all the support necessary to help and encourage his achievements at school.
By sponsoring Rakesh we will be helping our Partner, The Rotary Club of Madras, at the Boys Town to continue providing clothing, a school uniform, nutritious meals and additional activities to enhance his academic work and social development. The boys have responsibilities within the home helping with gardening and cleaning and participate in daily exercise and yoga sessions in addition to being encouraged to read English and watch current affair programmes.

 Update John Logan AGM june 2016
One of the boys we sponsored at Gummidipoondi left for university, and
it was decided in future to sponsor a girl at the Inner Wheel of Madras
Barbara Kelly Home as well as the boy still at the Rotary Club of Madras
Boys Town at Gummidipoondi. There have been some changes in the
personnel we liaise with at ICT through which our sponsorship is
administered, but things seem to have settled down and we have resumed
receipt of cards and letters of thanks from the children and progress updates.
The Club sent a donation with Robert for use at his discretion when he
visited Sri Lanka and appraised the situation at the school provided by
Clubs of the District following the tsunami.
A further fundraising band concert was held at St Thomas’ Church, this
time by Gawthorpe Brass, to give the Club a start-up fund on which to base
donation of a shelter box in response to or anticipation of an international disaster.
 LINK  LINK Read more about ICT Rotary Club of Wrexham
 LINK Barbara Kelly Home
 LINK Boystown video

See the utube video below which gives a good explanation of the SAND DAM  clean water project
that the club has recently contributed to 


The main site for Rotary International of Great Britian and Ireland is

Birstall Luddites are sponsoring two boys in Gummidipoondi in South East INDIA.
They are Uthayakumar and Murugan.
Murugan is in the 10th standard and is preparing for his forthcoming Government public examination.
He hopes to becom a teacher.
Both boys have recently celibrated the Pongal Festival and the 62 Republic Day celibrations

We raise funds to alleviate international disasters, including provision of :-



ShelterBox is an international disaster relife charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignaty to people affected by disaster worldwide

AquaBox U-Tube Video

link to aquaboxes & their contents

These boxes are life saving boxes which are capable of providing gallons of fresh clean water where there is no other supply.

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