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A Synopsis of Some Club Activity During This Rotary Year (See also any sub-page tabs on the right)

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Here are a few of the things in which we are currently involved in the current Rotary Year:

Making long weekend exchanges with our twin clubs in Alencon France and Euskirchen Germany. Recently a joint trip was made to visit Berlin with the German club members.

Click here to read about the variety of Interesting Speakers at our Regular Meetings

Running Fund Raising Events such as:

  • Garden Fair
  • Charity Walk
  • Race Night

Helping other charities including:

  • Basingstoke Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Pelican Cancer Foundation
  • Spotlight UK
  • Homestart
  • The Sebastian Trust
  • Basingstoke Young Carers
  • Charities nominated by walkers participating in our charity walk.

Supporting the disadvantaged:

  • Rotary Chalet in a holiday camp in New Milton.  We provide two needy families a one week family holiday.

Helping others overseas

  • Disaster relief through the Shelterbox scheme
  • Running a shoe box present scheme to give presents to children who have very little
  • Helping Aids Orphans and needy local people by creating and ongoing targeted support the local Community Centre in Amandawe, South Africa

Helping the Younger Generations (Jointly with other local clubs)

  • Music Festival competition
  • Young Chef
  • Young Photographer competition
  • Young Technologist competitions
  • Reading experience and support for schoolchildren
  • Young Artist/Photographer Competition
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Kids Out
  • Georgia (USA) Rotary Student Scholarship

Supporting Rotary Foundation to Help World Peace and Goodwill:

  • Eliminate Polio throughout the world (started in 1985 and nearly completed)
  • Educate and train students in other countries through an exchange scholarship programme
  • Support for Peace Students specialising in conflict resolution
  • Exchange visits with twin clubs in France and Germany

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