International projects

The International committee is chaired by Richard Thomas.

One of our international projects

Lend With Care – a Llanelli Rotary Club project

Lendwithcare brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people with the power to help them - people like Llanelli Rotary Club.

Run by one of the world's leading aid and development organisations, Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way for you to help people in the developing world to transform their lives.

Lend With Care —Llanelli Rotary Club current Projects

Ntcheu Group is comprised of 15 women of different ages. These women run small businesses including farming and grocery store. They require the loan to buy more products to restock their businesses. Dofa a member of this group; she is 30 years old and married. She has 3 children and 2 relatives who depend on her. She runs a potato farming business as well as a grocery business. She now requires the loan to buy improved farm inputs such as fertilizer. She started the business to be able to support her family financially. She currently has 1 relative who works in the business which she has been running for over ten years. Her plan is to own 2 rental houses. The access to loans has helped her to purchase farm land and the family has adequate food.

Katembwe women group has a membership of 14 married women. Their husbands work as either business men or seasonal farmers. The women run different small scale businesses with the primary aim of working their way out of poverty, Their main businesses include butchery, grocery, hardware and livestock among others. They are requesting a loan to increase their capital. This will enable them order more stock and make more profits for their home use, They use profits to buy household goods, food, clothes and send children to school.

Ruth Zulu who is 32 years old is a member of the group. She runs a market stall selling plastic buckets, dishes, cups and plates. She started her business to help her husband build a family house. Ruth is requesting for this loan to finance a business trip to order more buckets, dishes and cups. This will enable her make more profits. She started the business because it gives her more profits and the products do not go to waste. Ruth hopes to transform her stall into a wholesale stall as they do not have any wholesale shop in the area. Her ambition for the family is to build a family house. As a woman she is grateful to be empowered financially through access to these loans.

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