Youth Services

Helping young people to develop their skills and talents.

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Our club programme for helping young people to develop their skills and talents is often organised in conjunction with District or R.I.B.I. activities. These activities are aimed at giving young people in local schools and youth organisations better access to a wide range of youth activities including leadership skills, sports, music,literature, and hobbies events.

As a club Northampton West is committed to encouraging the young and Rotary in the wider world has defined a whole array of projects to capture the imagination.
We have successfully produced a winning Youth Speaks team from the Girls High School, We have produced a champion Young Chef also from the Girls High School. Our Young Photographer competition produced an extremely high standard of entries..

 we are now embarking on a new Rotary year and feel confident that more schools will take part in more of the projects that are available and those are listed below;
  • RotaKids    Primary school Citizenship programme
  • Interact       Secondary school Citizenship programme
  • Rotaract      Young adults making a difference in their local community
  • Young artist   
  • Young chef
  • Young musician
  • Young photographer
  • Young writer
  • Young designer
  • Technology tournament
  • Youth speaks    Intermediate and senior need a team of three, Chairperson, Speaker and a Vote of Thanks
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) for 18-26 year olds-residential 8 day course.
All these projects will help the young to develop their characters, their confidence, personal skills and their ability to work with others
Any school representative reading this item and wanting more details or wanting to enter any of these projects please contact.

For the Rotary year 2017/18 the committee chairman is: Jane Forsyth.