International Committee 2015 - 2016

International Committee Chairman 

Garry Urwin

The International committee oversees any international events, such as the club twinning with Vire at the bottom of the Normandy Penninsula in France. Every other year the club visit for a weekend, and in the in between year, they act as hosts. The committee will be making arrangements the Vire club to visit us in September 2015.

The club's latest major international projects have been completed - to raise funds to help build clean water facilities in Nepal. Three projects were undertaken, building a new concrete water storage tank, piping and taps in the village of Raile, which is to the northeast of Pokhara in the central region. This will save the villagers a round trip of 60 minutes walk each day for eight months of the year for water which they had to purchase from the next village. At the same time, money was raised for a similar project in the village of Madkina, which had a very similar problem, of excess water during the four month monsoon season, then having to walk for an hour round trip for the remaining eight months.  A further project in Tutepani has also been completed. Funds  raised in conjunction with Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary club, and the Okhle Village Trust.

We have sent three ShelterBoxes to Nepal and have contributed to the earthquake rebuild in Ashrang and Okhle

We now wish to undertake another water project in the village of Bispani in conjunction with Dorchester Casterbridge, Dorchester Poundbury Rotary Clubs and the Okhle Village Trust.

Fundraising activities will include running coach trips and social events

The club still also raises fundsfor the 'Shelterbox' charity, sending the famous green boxes to the scene of disasters, and assist in the packing of Water Survival Boxes at their local headquarters at Radstock.