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The President has chosen to support three charities.  During the year some of our fundraising activities will be devoted to these two worthy causes :-

The Befriending Scheme provides friendship and learning opportunities for adults over 16 from vulnerable groups, including those with mental health needs, older people and people with learning difficulties.

Richmond Fellowship is a leading charity and voluntary sector provider of mental health services in England. Established in 1959, Richmond Fellowship today helps make mental health recovery a reality for over 9000 people in England every year.

The East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) is the charity providing a helicopter emergency medical service for the people of East Anglia.


Many of the activities of the Sudbury Rotary Club contribute to our 'Charity Account', which provides funding for local, regional and occasionally international causes.

You can make a gift-aided donation or start raising funds in support of Sudbury Rotary Club, via this link.

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