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         Club  President 2018/2019  John Robini

            A message from President John 


 Rotary Club of Haslemere President 2018/19 -  John Robini

I was born in Chobham, near Woking in 1948, attending the local schools until I left at 16 years old. I was then apprenticed at The RAE Farnborough, attending Farnborough college. I finished my apprenticeship as a toolmaker and draftsman.  As the aircraft industry was closing down, I went into the retail trade becoming a manager of a gentleman's outfitters. I married and decided I needed a change of career again, so joined Surrey Police in 1972. I started at Guildford, then moved to Haslemere and Witley. During my career I attended many incidents including the Guildford bombings, miner's strike, inner city riots and many more.

I then decided prevention was better than reaction and I spent many years as a Crime Reduction and Design Advisor for Surrey Police. This included writing regularly for the press, television interviews and regular radio programmes.

I retired in 2002 and stayed on as a civilian in the same role until 20015.

As a civilian I was able to be involved in Politics and was Chairman of Witley Parish Council then elected as a Borough Councilor on Waverley, where I spent 4 years on the executive with various portfolios. During this time my wife Jacquie was Mayor of Waverley and I was her consort.

I have 2 children, Karen and Janet. I was sadly widowed in 2000, and I am now married to Jacquie Keen living locally in Haslemere.

My Hobbies are, Photography, Walking, Gardening, Genealogy, and local politics.



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