Proposals 2014-2015

Community & Vocational Proposals 2014-2015


Steve Finch
Proposals 2014- 2015

Our team will:-

Continue to maintain the Rotary Garden at Whitchurch Library

Design, plant and maintain the quadrangle garden at Bryn Celyn school

Support Tongwynlais Primary School

Present  Dictionaries for Life to pupils at Tongwynlais, the Court school, Grangetown and Bryn Celyn primary schools

Offer our support with redecoration work to the Court and Greenhill special schools

Assist with reading help at both Grangetown and Bryn Celyn primary schools

Organise bucket collections and other fund raising events (including Christmas carol singing) at suitable venues frequented by large groups of people

Continue to support Paradise Run, the Huggard Centre and Northlands Salvation Army Centre with monthly donations of food, clothing and household essentials

Continue our support  for the Whitchurch Festival and Fete

Maintain involvement with the Whitchurch Traders Association

Review requests for support from worthy causes and make recommendations accordingly