Ryde Rotary Clubs Swansong meeting 26 06 2012

Ryde Rotary Clubs Swansong meeting June 2012

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Ryde Rotary Club Presidential Handover 26th June 2012


At the presidential handover at Ryde Rotary Club, outgoing president Mark Clegg was pleased to be able to report  that "the club had donated £31,000 to various charities in the last year". New incoming president Neil Gurney was keen to pay tribute to Mark's hard work in the community, particularly the excellent work he had done in servicing the minibuses used by John's Club. Neil also urged members and friends "to spread the message and tell everyone about the great work that Rotary does."

















2011-2012 President Mark Clegg (right) with 2012-2013 President Neil Gurney



















2012-2013 President (right) with 2012-2013 Vice President Nitin Pradhan
















2012-2013 President (left) with 2012-2013 Junior Vice President Ron Gould

















2012-2013 President (right) with 2012-2013 Secretary Alan Truckel
















2012-2013 President (left) with 2012-2013 Treasurer Mike Croucher