Help To Other Clubs

We also help other clubs and organisation to collect money for their charities

Rotary clubs of Volgograd and Coventry lead the 70th anniversary of the twinning of their two cities by organising a visit of the Volgograd Youth Symphony Orchestra, helped by Rotary club of Colchester Centurion Olga Lawson. Play video



Layer Marney Dog Show - EACH

John spent an enjoyable day on the gate collecting money and directing cars at the  Layer Marney Dog show which was run by EACH. He had the military there to guard him and prevent somebody running off with the cash and to prevent him from eating too many cakes which were provided for the volunteers.


Colchester Military Festival

We assisted at the Colchester Military Festival.


Guy Fawkes 2013

We again helped King Cole's Kittens with their wonderful fire display in Colchester Park on 5 November. Over 20 club members assisted at the various gates allowing the Kittens to make a substantial contribution to club charity funds. The bottom of the picture shows Matt Cardel signing an autograph with one of the club members helping


Colchester Carnival 2012

In 2012 several of our members (not in the photograph) helped with the Colchester carnival which was run by Colchester Round Table