Christmas street collections in Ashtead are just one of the many fundraising activities undertaken by Ashtead Rotary Club.

In order for Ashtead Rotary Club to continue to support its many local and international projects, the club's members invest a lot of time and effort into fundraising activities.

The main fundraising event of the year is Ashtead Village Day, which takes place every summer and generates the majority of the club's annual charitable income.

There are however many other regular and one-off fundraising initiatives, organised and undertaken by the club, for example:

  • Christmas Street Collections. Rotarians take to the streets of Ashtead with chocolates and collection cans, accompanied by Rudolph the Reindeer and his musical sleigh (beautifully hand-crafted in 2012 by Chris Haines). The collections start on Ashtead Traders' Evening at the beginning of December and continue until Christmas. The generosity of Ashtead residents is always heart-warming so see but particularly on those cold winter days!

  • Happy Dollars. When Ashtead Rotarians have some personal good news, from new jobs to new additions to the family, they announce it at the weekly club meetings along with a small donation to the Ashtead Rotary charity trust fund.

  • The 200 Club. This mini-lottery is open to Rotarians and members of the public alike. Each 200 Club member gives an annual subscription of £12: 50% of the money goes straight to the Ashtead Rotary charity trust fund, whilst the remainder is given out as quarterly prizes to lucky 200 Club members drawn at random. If you would like to join the 200 Club please contact the Ashtead Rotary Club treasurer using the form below.

  • Coffee Mornings. Soon to be a regular event taking place at 90B The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW. Please see the meetings and events page for more details.

  • Bric-a-brac Sale. Unwanted items recycled all in aid of good causes. The recent sale raised approximately £300 to add to the Rotary charity fund.

  • Shrapnel Collections. All those pennies soon add up.

  • International Currency Collections. Ashtead Rotary collects all those small amounts of foreign currency left over from a trip abroad and donates the money to worthy causes. Look out for the Ashtead Rotary collection boxes within the local community.

  • One-Off Emergency Appeals. Ashtead Rotary Club is quick to respond to national and international disasters resulting from extreme climatic, environmental or man-made events. A proportion of funds from Ashtead Village Day is held in reserve for such events and this is often supplemented by donations from Ashtead rotarians, members' contacts and the wider local community through Rotary street collections. In this way, large donations can be made to rescue and relief organisations on the frontline. Donations are often focussed on providing immediate, emergency provisions in the form of shelterboxes, a Rotary International backed scheme.

If you would like to make a one-off donation to Ashtead Rotary Club to help increase our charitable activities, please visit our BT MyDonate fundraising website.

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