What we do internationally

Over 7,600 cataract operations arranged for less than a pint at your local

From sending a cow to Africa, to providing dictionaries to Zululand; from supporting disaster relief appeals to helping people in devloping countries regain their sight, the 'Grange' looks to make your donations work effectively for the world community.

 Responding to natural disasters


One of two boats purchased for HaitiEmergency relief for Sri Lanka following the Tsunami (26th December 2005)- A testimony to the people of Stevenage

In 2005, Club members were out in force helping to collect funds to help the many hundreds of thousands affected by this huge natural disaster in living memory. The Club looked to its Rotary links to ensure that the most effective use was made of the funds.  It teamed up ... more  


  The Haiti earthquake appeal We purchase Shelter boxes for disaster stricken areas. Our

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