Euroscola success for Anna

Anna MacRae selected to participate in Euroscola programme.

All of those who attended the Pure Words performance staged by Golspie High School students at Fountain Road Hall last week will already know that there are a great many talented debaters and public speakers in the student population.  One of those performing was Anna MacRae from Brora but many will not know that she can also hold her own in a debate in her second language.-.French. This skill was recognised by the school and the Rotary Club of East Sutherland who suggested she enter the Rotary Euroscola competition.  This takes successful candidates to spend a week at the European Parliament in both Brussels and Strasbourg to foster understanding between the youth of Europe.  This week, following intensive interviews and a panel examination by the organisers in Glasgow, Rotary Youth Chair Fiona Risk was able to congratulate Anna on being one of only 25 students from all of Scotland to be chosen to participate in this exiting venture in February 2014. The club is delighted to be sponsoring her and thank the family of the late Eric Potter for their donation which will enable us to support such youth projects in his memory.  This will be a busy, educational and rewarding week from which she will gain much.   A week that will include being part of a Europe wide group of students who will take over the chamber and discuss, in French, the politics of the day and encourage those who make the laws and set our taxes to do it better