Easter Anguston Farm

In 2013 the Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside continued to foster their close relationship with Easter Anguston Farm.

They committed to providing hands-on assistance with various projects within the community.

Members were welcomed back on a beautiful Spring day. Ten Rotarians from Aberdeen Deeside pitched in to lend a hand at Easter Anguston with the first of these.

A challenge for the workforce on the farm was to line a path, ready for use, in two weeks time, by the public at the Open Day. The members helped to build this path by preparing woodwork and fixing wooden edging with stakes. They also built a rocky climbing mound for pygmy goats, which duly arrived that week and was a great success. The goats are proving very popular with visitors and workers alike.

All the Rotarians involved had an enjoyable morning, creating great working relationships with new people while assisting local communities.

The managers at Easter Anguston were happy with the quality of work and the experience provided by the members. In fact, they did such a grand job they were invited back the following week! 

The members were delighted to be invited to the recent Awards Ceremony, along with other helpers and sponsors, to celebrate the achievements of Easter Anguston Farm and their fabulous workforce throughout the year. 


Easter Anguston is part of VSA, Aberdeen city's major social care charity. and is run by a few staff supervising about thirty daily workers who obviously love their work.  In reply to a casual question on whether they would like more animals on the farm, they said they would love more pygmy goats.

Four Rotary members spontaneously decided to make this happen, and ordered another two small goats from the breeding farm at Maud.  The goats are born in pairs and are happiest living in their pair for the rest of their lives.  Being 'pygmies', they never grow much bigger than Labrador dogs, and are just as tame and friendly.  but watch out for the horns if you get up close and personal.

After five months, the happy event of two boys born in January 2014 was announced, mother and goats doing well.  After another three months, they moved to Easter Anguston, where a loving welcome awaited them.  By a popular vote in Rotary, they are named Frankie and Josie.

More shelter was required for them, however, and another eight Rotary volunteers during April and May have built this from wooden pallet planks in the form of a luxury chalet, about the size of a nine foot cube.  It's thought that some members of staff may supply curtains and carpet.   The shelter which is only used during daytime has staging at different heights as the goats assume a hierachy of superiority and the top goat needs to look down on the others.   Also a small fodder feeding grid has been fitted.  The shelter was completed and installed in time for the Easter Anguston Spring Fare held on the 10 and 11 May.

For more information about Easter Anguston and VSA visit their website.