The TuT cyclists in typical fashion!

Wed 21st May 2014

There are now two cycling groups within the Club, both meeting on a Wednesday morning for a tour and chat

The Twickenham Upon Thames Rotary Club Cycling Group meets most Wednesdays at 10 am (weather permitting) at the Lion Gate, Bushey Park. 

President Jim Stevens, aka the ‘Guv’nor’, usually dictates the route guided by his extensive knowledge of scenic cycle routes that avoid main roads and pass quality coffee shops. He often leads us along the Thames towpaths in the direction of Walton and around Chertsey, Shepperton or Thorpe. Sometimes we cruise along by the river and join the Wey Navigation towards Guildford. This is a stunning little canal, very narrow in places with plenty of bumpy roots to test our cycling skills, and wonderful scenery and wildlife along the way. We may see foxes, mice, stoats and weasels, herons kingfishers or other cyclists.

Jack ‘the whippet’ Ingram, the club’s Health & Safety Guru, takes care of our hearts and minds by restricting the number of coffee stops.  Peter ‘honey badger’ Wilson and Brian (terrier?) Holding growl menacingly at any white van drivers who dare pass the group too close, or even worse: a skip truck!  Mags Gilroysmith, like a bulldog, grits her teeth with dogmatic determination and pants as she tries to keep up.  Alper Ozturk, sitting aloft like a stately dalmation and John ‘badgerman’Chesterman, relaxed and chatting, often fall in behind. 

We may venture along the river path in the other direction, around Hampton Court and across Kingston Bridge, stopping at the German shop in Ham along the way, to eat huge slices of rhubarb crumble and drink

delicious coffee before setting off into Richmond Park, over Wimbledon Common and maybe down to Morden Park.

Then our route rejoins the river at Putney and back to the towpath by Kew and Richmond.  Frequently we cycle through Syon Park and join the Grand Union canal up to Osterley, sometimes Denham or even Little Venice if we feel up to it.  The world is usually put to rights at as many coffee stops as Jack the whippet allows, with political references to articles in such authoritative journals as the Daily Mail, or discussions over the latest footballing dogma, or perhaps the latest update of a TV drama.

Jim usually unleashes us by 3pm and we disperse to our various kennels. If you’re barking mad and fancy joining us for a Wednesday outing, preferably with your bike, plenty of energy and a good sense of humour, get in touch.