London Trip 2014

The Rotary Club of Horwich paid the bulk of the funds needed for the London Day Trip, as part of the Citizenship Programme for the current school year.

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Seven primary schools in Horwich sent four children, with a teacher, to experience the sights of London for both educational and enjoyment purposes.

The group, including Margot Mather, Rachel Sawbridge and Keith Maher of Horwich Rotary, caught the 7.09am train from Wigan to arrive at the Capital approximately two hours later.

First stop was the Tower of London to watch the Welsh Guards on their guard duty and also to see and photograph the Beefeaters patrolling around the castle grounds.

A visit to the Crown Jewels was the highlight of the Tower. We had employed a Blue Badge Guide for the day who was able to tell the children about the history of the Tower, including the gory details of the beheading of Henry VIII s wives. The children were able to eat their own packed lunch in the Tower grounds.

Next stop was a Tube journey to the London Eye. The views from the top were magnificent and the children really enjoyed this event. Then a boat trip was taken along the River Thames with a comprehensive description of the sights alongside the river bank and their various histories.

By this time it was mid-afternoon, and dinner time was needed. What better than a meal at the Mcdonalds on the river bank.

We now needed to make our way back to Euston Station on the Tube, to catch the 8.30 train back to Wigan.

When the children were asked which activity they enjoyed the best, the majority said it was the London Eye - Rtn. Keith Maher