Dragon Boat Event - August 2014

Irvine Dragon Boat Challenge 2014

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The second Dragon Boat Challenge came to Irvine on Saturday 16th August.  As part of this year's Harbour Festival, fifteen teams took part in the Dragon Boat races. Before the races, the Blessing of Dragon Boats Ritual conducted by KAT O Chinese Community Association, to ensure the protection of participants in this event:


Each team took part in three races with the four fastest teams taking part in the grand final.   The four teams who qualified were:-

  • North Ayrshire Police
  • Virgin Vikings: (Virgin Media & Smallworld)
  • Columba:  (Joint Fullarton Church & St Mary's Church)
  • Trades Winds: (Irvine Incorporated Trades)

Watch the final below

In a closely contested final, North Ayrshire Police were narrow winners from "Virgin Vikings