Piano Project

As part of our project to increase awareness of Rotary in general, and the Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne in particular, we have installed a Piano in the new portico of Newcastle Central Railway Station

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In the February 2014 edition of our Club Magazine, our the President Nominee, Peter Tracey wrote, "Imagine the scene. Hlavni Nadrazi Praha, (Prague main railway station), one hot August Sunday morning. .I am waiting for the train to Budapest. Its hot and stuffy and busy ...and just a bit hectic perhaps....And then....floating on the air came the wonderful sound of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It was beautiful. All the questions...who, why, what, where...??
And there in the middle of the Concourse an upright piano sitting on a carpet....and a young, rather hairy lad was sitting playing for his fellow passengers...it was perhaps his party piece...but he could play...oh yes..and so beautifully. A crowd gathered to listen and be refreshed., and then to politely applaud .He finished , picked up his ruck sack and was gone. A moment later another passenger came...Her piece was a Chopin Polonnaise....magic.

We could do that...that is, we could place a piano in the new portico at Central Station and help to enrich the lives of passengers...and we have the blessing and support of the wonderful lady Station Master...watch this space....and listen carefully, for you know not what you will hear.. PT"

With the blessing of our Club, Peter embarked on a project to find a piano and negotiate with the station authorities to install it in the new concourse at Newcastle Central Station. After much time and effort, the piano is now in place. It is located next to the entrance door in the middle of the portico and next to the coffee shops. A large clear board invites passers by to "Play a tune for the Toon"

A board also gives a text number for people to make donations to the Children's Heart Foundation, which is to be the main charity that we will be supporting in our Centenary years, when Peter will be President of the Club.